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Fruit basket episode 1 "Call of the new sohma's?"

*In class* Sensai: Ok class...exsuse me class Class:-blah blah blah- Sensai:.. CLASS Everyone:O_O; Sensai:Later on were going to be having a new student her name is Neko Sohma Yuki: thinking:SOHMA?! Tohru:cool another sohma (ME:This is were tohru doesnt know about the sohma's) Sensai surprised k- *phone rings* 1 min talk amungst yourselfs *she picks up the phone (Me: Oh and i messed up something...ok...ok fixed it well you guys wont see it but yea...BACK TO THE DAMN SHOW >=3) Sensai:Oh oh ok yea its fine ok bye bye! *Hangs up* Sensai surprised k class he new student will be coming earlyer (If you want to see what i look like go to another journal thingy =P The one before this one.)*A girl comes in a battle kimono but has two diffrent colored eyes (ME:i know the picture doesnt have it but imagine) Class:WOAH O///////////o Sensai:Ok come over miss Sohma-san introduce yourself Neko:im sorry Sensai you must have me mixed up im not a sohma ^^; Im a Ryuuzaki! Sensai surprised h im Sorry Ryuuzaki-san go ahead and introduce yourself Neko:.....o-ok ... *Neko walked up infrount of the class* *a a girl came running in* (ME:Haha just kiddin i will be adding my friend in this i may be mad at her well not too mad well hardly.... but i cant keep her out my storys if you want to see her go back to the journal entrie before this one) Gril:wew i made it! Neko:......... Sensai:Are you lost miss? Suki:no im one of th new students im suki sohma Neko:Oh....y-your the girl that was in the office with me -thinking:t-thats one c-crazy chick- Sensai surprised k i guess we have two new students miss honda take miss sohma and mister yuki tak car of miss ryuuzaki ok good now lets starts class! Suki and neko:but who are they? Sensai surprised h right *points go there* Neko and suki surprised k *they sat down near yuki and tohru* Neko thinking:why do i have to be paired up with a blunt who doesnt even where a batlle kimono (ME:just to say im shy on the outisde but real tough on th inside) Yuki:hello miss Ryuuzaki-san Fangirls:NOOO HES HANGING OUT WITH THE NW STUDENT Other fangirls:But his cousin is here! Tohru:hi suki! Suki:HEY ^^ Tohru:so your a sohma too? Suki:there is another sohma here? Tohru:Yea yuki Suki:Y-YUKI! *looks over to see yuki helping neko with some math problems* Tohru:you know him well i guess Suki:um no ...i just wanted to mak a germatic impulse of something going on =D Tohru:haha well i guess thats funny yuki a very nice man he is called the prince of school *To neko* Neko surprised -oh so thats how you do that problem..... Yuki:yup then just divied Neko:s-so multiply 146 by the square root of pie (3.14) and you dived by 3 and get 26 ^^ Yuki:yep neko:thanks so im finished with all my work Yuki surprised h your right...i still have to do mine go around and meet might i sugest Miss honda she seems like a well fellow Neko:t-th-thanks (ME:no she doesnt like yuki that would be gross >=P) *Neko got up and walked over to tohru* Neko:um ugh h-hi tohru Tohru:Hey! Suki:HIYA NENO Neko:it... Suki:whatever dont worry nevo NEko:its.. Suki:shh im talking if you need help with your work ill gladly hlp Neko:its neko and im finished Suki:...oh ok can you finished mine tohru surprised h oh and mine too ^^! Neko:b-but *they gave her the papers* Neko surprised -ok... *she sat down and by the end of school sh had to do everyone's papers and everyone got a's... Neko thinking:STUPIED COMMONERS I HATE THIS SCHOOL ALREADY! Yuki:Walking home miss ryuuzaki? Neko surprised h y-yea ... Yuki surprised h ok bye bye! *he started walking in the opposite derction But then a orange hair boy jumped infrount of him* Neko:....... (ME:You all know his name is kyo-kun!) Kyo biggrin amn rat i want a fight right now! Yuki:-sigh- right now *neko snuck and hid behind a tree* Kyo:yea stupied rat i want one now! Neko thinking:"rat"? Yuki:fine -sigh- *he put his books down they had a fight with epicness (ME:i hate that word) and kyo lost yuki grabbed his stuff and let kyo on the floor* Neko thinking:t-there must be two sides of yuki O_O; *neko got out from behind th tree* NEko:u-ugh! Kyo:O_O *he got up quickly * Kyo:... Neko:a-a- are you ok? Kyo:im just fine who the heck ar you and why ar you in a battle kimono!? Nko:im Neko ryuuuzaki-san i am Kyo:wait your the new student in yuki's class damn rat *whispering* Gets evryone hot dosnt he... Nko:e-exuse me? Kyo:Chick NEko thinking:CHICK?!?! DID HE CALL Me CHICK?! Kyo:this is private property you cant be stalking people home Nko:I-I W-WASNT! Kyo:sure you were now get lost! Neko:F-fin -snif snif- but i wasnt stalking anyone home *She whistled and a horse can over* Kyo:O_O! *neko jumped on and gave kyo a deathly glare* NEko:just to mention im neko ryuuzaki of the fighting clan we were the first to make ninjustu ti and all the other and your fighting skill were good but in th defence deparment you need better training.. *she moved the horse and moved the..pully things* Neko:HIYA! *the horse ran off* Kyo:hmm *th next day is when tohru meet kyo and yuki and that one dude i forgot his name >_> and cam too school in durtie cloths* sensai:Um tohru Tohru:OH PLEAS DONT ASK ^^! ITS NOTHING DONT WORRY~ Neko:-_- i worned him *flashback of yuki and neko talking and walking home* Yuki:so how- Neko:.... Yuki:you ok? Nko:no theres going to be somthing bad happing later becareful on what goes in your house....

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