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Cookie-chan "Life with the greeks!"

(Me:that day kitsune staid over =P) *Cookie woke up* Cookie:good mor-...k...kitsune Kistune:-yawn-what? Cookie:look around O_O!!!!! Kitsune:HOLY COW!!!! WHERE THE FREEK ARE WE O____O! *kakashi walked into the room but he was dressed like a commander* Kakashi:Men! Time to move out! Cookie and kitsune:MEN!? Kakashi:yes men....-a little confused- you guys signed up yesterday to join the army agents the trojans the kind commanded it beacuse his wife left him for the trojins Cookie whispering to kitsune:reminds me of my text book O_O' Kitsune:yes....it...does.. Kakashi:come men *two minutes later (lol wut face >=3) they were in a camp with a bunch of dudes* Kitsune:im too younge for this T-T Cookie:-thinking- Kitsune:you ok cookie? Cookie:Oh finnaly got it were in the late A.D (after death) were the gods and goddess were belived to be real haha finnaly kitsune surprised h you just got that? Cookie:-_- do you have to ruin my smart moment >=l Kitsune surprised k ok fine =P Kakashi surprised k men *talking to everyone* Were going to need two spies to go to the trojins places do we have any vollenteers? *no one rasied there hands and kitsune yawned* Kakashi:you two men Kitsune and cookie:US? Kakshi:thanks for vollenteering Cookie:even here hes a a** (Lol not cursing >=3) KAkashi:come men! *they were being dragged into a tent and a woman came into the tent who looked like sakura* Sakura surprised k men your going to need to wear this to look like the trojins *it wa a long toga like cloth* Kitsune and cookie:IM NOT WEARING THAT! Sakura:yes ma'ams you do Cookie:you know where girls kitsune:thank god someone finnaly Cookie:yes thats why i said i would make you look like two young woman to get you in *a guy came in* Guy:sakura! Kitsune:O///////O (Me:HOLY CRAP HOTTIE FOR KITSUNE XD check his pic on the picture page his name is zero like urs) Zero surprised h i see ur bussy these are the guys yor going to make like girls i guess it could work cookie:-_-' Sakura surprised k leave i need to get them ready Cookie:YEA! Kitsune:... Zero:bossy men much but ill be going with you your sapost to be spies but im going and kakashi's going! Kitsune and cookie:WHAT! GOD DAMMIT! Zero:O_O ok im gone O_O' *he lefted and and sakura gave us the clothes awe changed and left and waited at the boat* Kakashi and zero biggrin ANG Cookie:-////////////- Kitsnue:O//////////o zero:wow Kakashi:if you guys were girls we tottaly date yous! Cookie surprised k lets go! *thrity minutes on the boat and it wa pouring and thunder and the boat was moving alot* Cookie:UGH Kitsune:im getting FREEKIN SEA SICK KAKASHI:WATCH OUT! *a big wave came over and took cookie out to sea* Kitsune:COOKIE!NOOOOOOOOO! *she tried to jump off but zero grabs her* Zero biggrin ONT! Kitsune:I CANT LET *HER* GO Zero biggrin id you say her Kitsune:NOO I DIDNT LET ME GO *Zero pushed her onto the floor and pinned her down till the storm was over and the made it to the trojins* Zero:im sorry sir but we still need you to complete the mission Kitsune:i dont want to do it with out *him* Kakashi:im sorry but you need to your really strong Kitsune:im not strong she was im just her smarts Zero:you can do it solider ok just..have faith! Kitsune surprised ..ok ill try *they went to the gate of the trojins* Soldier:HALT! Kakashi:hold ur crap sir were here to drop of a servilin (a person of there in example) Soldiers:fine tell the girl to go you stay there or ill shoot! Kakashi:just fine *kitsune walked up the gate while kakashi and zero lefted* kistune thinking: ican do it i can.... soldier surprised k go in ma'am Kitsune:yes sir... *she walked in a looked around and the soldier took her to he king* king surprised k ma'am you were captured by the spartens? Kitsune:yes king sir! King:call me orphisis Kitsune surprised k king orphsis! King:haha funny ok ma'am we have a room for you stay there till you find a good house Kitsune surprised k... *she got up and two soldiers let her to a really big room *which is the kings* *later that night the king came into the room with kitsune awake but trying to sleep and the kings jumped on her (Me:this.. he is trying how do you say RAPE OMFG RAPPPPPPPPPEEEEEEEE *screams* lol sowwy) Kitsune:um sir can you get off me King:sorry everyone who goes into my village must past my test of love Kitsune:EW GET OFF King:no way hunyy *he tried to take off her clothes* Kitsune:HELP PLEASE HELP *someone punched the back off his head and he went flying and it was cookie looking badly beating* kitsune:cookie T-T! Cookie:im sory i took me a while i was stealing the plans they were doing and got sorta chased and beated but i killed them all when i heard you screaming were like sisters and a sister wont let another sister get raped come on *she put her hand out and kitsune jumped and hugged her* Kitsune:i missed you T-T Cookie surprised k ok ow ow we need to get out of here king:YOU NOT LEAVING ALIVE *The kings face was bleeding from the back* Cookie:yes we are Kings:SOLDIERS *they came in from every spot and surronded them by a WHOLE LOT* Cookie:i would say this is good by kitsune... dieing in a past tense... Kitsune:i would say good by *hugs and eeryone jumped at them but a huge light came around them and the goddess of war killed everyone but the king who was around them and cookie and kitsune opeend there eyes* Kitsune:OMG GODS ARE REAL O_O! Mars:yes and i saved your young ladys butt here ill teleport you home cookie:thanks mars Mars:your welcome *they blinked and they were back home and they both ran to akashi and zero* Zero:YO GUYS ARE ALIVE KAkashi:THATS A MERICAL! Cookie:yes it was and we got there plans might i suggest a diffrent plan then theres *cookie told them her plan * Zero:thats good Kitsune:yep that was our plan Cookie:^_^ Kakashi surprised k guys. Cookie and kitsune surprised ne more thing WERE GIRLS! HAAHA! Zero and kakashi:WAHT Cookie:YEP Zero and kakashi:i feel stupied! *cookie and kitsune grabbed there hands* Kitsune and cookie:dont! *and they kissed AWWWW* Zero and kakashi:O/////////////O Kitsune and cookie:nighty night *they went to there tent and laid down hugged and fells alseep and then-* Teacher:WAKE UP COOKIE-CHAN WAKE UP *cookie woke up* Cookie:HOLY S**T WHAT HAPPENED O_O Teacher:you fell alseep during class its lunch time go! *cookie ran leaving* Cookie:thank god it was just a dream Kitsune:it wasnt ^^ Cookie:IT WASNT?!?!!? Kitsune:no it did happen thanks cookie for saving my butt! Cookie:-scarred i did happen-y...you welcome O_O; *THE END*

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