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Narrartor:episode 1 yays ^^~START THE DAM SHOW~

~mid morning~
-Door:ding dong ding dong- Cookie:im coming im coming hold ur horses! *Cookie got up from the couch turned off the tv and opened her door* Cookie:hello? Kitsune:morning Cook- WH ARNT YOU READY FOR SCHOOL! Cookie:its a saturday. '-_- Kitsune:it is?......oh.... Cookie:yea so ur making me get to the door in my underwere (/-Sleeps in underwere XD) Kistune:AHHH PUT SOME CLOTHES ON Cookie:no thanks i feel the breeze just right today 3nodding Kistune:you perv &=P Cookie:Thanks =3 im going abck to watching my porn (/-NO I DONT WATCH PORN) *Sits back on couch and turns tv back on* Kistune:EW NO PORN FOR YOU TODAY *Walks infrount of the tv and turns it off* Cookie:HEY IT WAS GETTING GOOD DX! Kistune:two things number one...ew... number two lets go to the park i heard there selling double mint chacolate chip ice cream! Cookie biggrin OUBLE!?!?! Kistune:Mmmhhmmm! *cookie ran off the couch putted a small sweater on and skirt and a nother sweater over the skirt* Cookie:all done Kistune:ur half naked &=P Cookie:so what im hungry lets go! *She ggrabbed kistune hand and ran out the door * Kistune:stop i brung my bike get ur skates Cookie surprised k *cookie looked around and saw her skates put them on and skated off with kistune* Cookie:hey kitsune-sama!? Kistune:yea cookie-chan? Cookie:why are you so uptight? Kistune:HEY! Um-...well ever sence my parents died i tried to live up to there standerds Cookie:my parents died and im not uptight =3 Kitsune:BUT IM NOT A LAZY BUM! Cookie razz isha! &=3 *so after skateing they made it to the ice cream man* Icm:Why are you kids at the park its monday! Kistune:!!! Cookie surprised ops sweatdrop Kistune:IM GANNA KILL YOU! scream Cookie:um RUN AWAY! *Cookie skated to the shcool but her head started to hurt and she fell over in pain* Cookie surprised wies T-T Darkwolf:cookie come here cookie-chan! Cookie surprised w stop Kitsune:C-Cookie WHATS WRONG Cookie:OW LEAVE ME THE HECK ALONE T-T Darkwolf surprised ops times up see ya later *in cookies mind it sounds like a screeching voice* Cookie:OW! *her ears started to bleed* Kistune:OM*G COOKIE *kitsune grabbed cookie and dropped her bike and ran to the school ran inside and to the nurse* Nurse:OM*G WHAT HAPPENED! Kitsune:i dont know she started to scream and her ears started to bleed! Cookie:leave...me....alone *cookie stood up with both her eyes red but no one was paing attaion to her eyes that the fact she waned to be alone with her ears bleeding* Cookie:im fine it was just a ear pain lets get to class before where late -_-' Kitsune:but ur ears....there still bleeding Cookie:ahh its fine *grabs band-aids and put them over her ears*Cookie:all better what periode we on? Nurse:4-5 Kitsune:we have gym Cookie:wonderful -_-' lets go *turns around and walks into the door* Cookie:i knew that was ther nurse and kitsune:'&_& she opens the door and started to walk and kitsune started to run by her* Kistune:so today we doing track ugh i know how much you hate running Cookie:really?I love running Kitsune surprised k did that pain ur ear efect ur brain or something Cookie:-evil laugh but then twiches- OM*G IT *kitsune cover her mouth as the school's class jerk but tottaly hottie (well to me he is oh and his name is kakashi just beacuse i like kakashi in his anime bu it doesnt looks like him DANG IT) walked by* Kakashi:arnt you guy sapost to be in gym? (Narrartor:hey i put more pictures of the other characters go back and see them) Cookie:MMMMM- Kakashi:O_O' Kitsune:sorry she has some e- Kakashi:ear pains you can tell her ears are bleeding which is reaaly cool in some way *he putted his hand under her chin and kitsune stepped back* Kakashi:maby you should come over ot my house some time wink Cookie:-thinking- its like one of my freekin awsome pornos @//////////////////@ Kitsune:ew.... Kakashi:HAHA *cookie was moving over and he dropped her* like i would ever do it with you Cookie:-getting up quick- WHAT THE -BEEEEP- IS YOUR -BEEPING- PROBLEM Kakashi:cusing isnt going to help you but maby seeing ur breast will Cookie:WTF MAN UR SUCH A PERV >///////////< (and ur the one who watches pornos don say notin DX') Kisune:come on cookie-chan lets get to gym Kakashi:yea get to gym my little smexy beast XD *sarcaism* Cookie thinking:i dont no either to mad or impressed DX *so cookie and kitsune walkde off kitsune was um how do you say it scared and cookie was both impressed and mad XD* Gym teacher: why ya gals late? Cookie:my freekin ears where bleeding Gym teacher surprised k good cookie ur going first to do the runnin' Cookie:AWW MAN I HATE RUNNIN Kisune thinking:did she just say earlyer she liked running? *cookies eyes twiched and went red again* Cookie:hey mister! Teacher confused cookie:how long do i have to do the two mile run? Teacher:less then 4 minutes kitsune:THATS SO UNFAIR! Cookie:shh kitsune het teach lets make a bet! Teacher:what kind? Cookie:if i make this in two minutes on the dot you'll have ta give me two thousand yen if i win i give two thousand yen Kitsune:OMFG WHAT! Teacher:that would be world record but sure ill make the deal! cookie:Ok ready! Teacher:OK GO *by the time it was two minutes later she was finished* Cookie:money please!Teacher:HOLY F**K! Dang it...here miss cookie-chan *he gave her the money* Cookie:im bye- (Narrartor:she has chick fangirls but shy ones her number one fangirl is Sakura) Sakura:um mi-miss cookie-sama (narrartor:sama means mater LOL MUCH >=3) Kitsune:hey sakura Sakura:hi kitsune-chan um m-mis cookie *cookies eyes went back to normal and she didnt rember what just happened* Cookie:huh -looks around- oh hi Sakura-chan! Sakura:Um-um i made- made you this cookie-sama Cookie thinking:sama... Cookie:what is it? Sakura:its squid i know- you like squid Cookie:yes i do thank oh stay here! Sakura surprised -ok! *cookie whispered into kitsunes ear* Cookie:hey can i do some fan servise? Kistune:what?! Cookie:you know put the charm on? Kitsune:but shes...A SHE! Cookie:i know but i wanna be nice she made me squid Kitsune:but- Cookie:thanks! *she ran back to sakura* SAkura confused Cookie:thank sakura -with a wink- Sakura:O///////o *cookie put her hand under her chin* Cookie:but why eat the food your just as cute~ -lol rawr- Sakura thinking:OMFG O////////////o ITS LIKE HEAVEN ^////////////////////^ Cookie:sakura? Sakura:^//////////^ Cookie:SAKURA-CHAN! Sakura:O_O oh righ- here you go cookie-sama! *she gave her the food and ran with a skip jump and glee! lol* Cookie:haha food ^^ *eats it quickly* Kistune:COOKIE! *cookie turned around with a peice of squid still coming out her mouth* Cookie:MM? -has food in her mouth- Kitsune:-almost barfing- EW EAT IT ALREADY! *cookie slurrped it* (Me:LOL ITS OVER X3)

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