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Fruit basket "Exsuses ._.!"

*During the day in school the class bell rang and tohru ran out the class still covered in mush (Dirt)* Neko:um miss honda do you need some clothes?.... Tohru:um no thanks that would be too much of a burden Neko:its ok i bring extra extra clothes just in case ^^; *Suki jumpes and putting ehr arms around tohru and neko* Suki:OK LETS GET GOING ^^! Neko:.... Tohru surprised k *They walked to nekos locker when they opened it ...it looked so organized(Me:That would never be true)* Suki:woah how do you keep this so clean tohru:yea its so organized Neko:um i file every little bit of information into neat and classy folders ^^; Tohru surprised k so where are the clothes Neko:hold on please ^^; *she hit the back of the locker a serect draw came out with clothes* Tohru and suki:Woah Neko:would you like a skirt and t or shorts a beeter? Tohru:the short will be ok Neko surprised k here you go *he gave ehr the clothes and closed the locker*Tohru:thanks! Neko:your welcome Suki:your so nice neko hey i have some math homework i didnt understand can i copy yours? Neko:......-thinking:NO SAY ITS SAY HECK NO- Here you go *she took it out of her folder and gave it to her* Tohru:your really nice now lets get to class *Blah class was over and tohru and yuki were the first ones to leave * Tohru:thanks for going to lunch with me yuki! Yuki:sure. *tohru wasnt looking were she was going and fell and tripped onto yuki who changed lucky them no ones was around* Tohru:OH NO NOT AGAIN OF MY WHAT AM I SAPOST TO DO! Yuki:calm down tis ok miss honda put me on your sholder and go to the janatos closet so no ones sees me transform- *neko walked up to tohru* Neko:hey! Tohru:AHHHHHHHH! Neko:O_O; I- I am sorry i didnt mean to scare you tohru:its ok.. Neko:hey look a rat~ (Me:Just to mention my other self is a wolf) Tohru:yea haha its it cute ima go take it too the janitor Yuki thinking:ugh oh.. Neko:hmm may i see it *tohru did want anything to seem weird so she let neko hold yuki* Yuki thinking:NO MISS HONDA! Neeko:hmmm *glowing eyes* Neko:i love rat mind if i keep him i dont want the jainter Yuki thinking: atleast she holding me or i would turn back ._.; Tohru:no no it would be bad WHAT HAPPENS IF ITS A GIRL AND I HAS CHILDREN IN THE SCHOOL Yuki:-_-;

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