• To all of you, i want to tell you if i die, don't cry for me:
    Instead, play, eat, tell jokes, laugh...
    tell others all those bloopy and absurd anecdotes you spent with me.

    If i die, don't stay still:
    Please, play music and dance, move your body and wiggle..
    preferently with crazy music, just as myself.

    If i die, wear multicolor:
    Garish, scandalous and joyful colors, setting chaos and beauty be free...
    capable of recreate the world and its infinite posibilities.
    Bright colors, costumes and cosplay, Dragons!, and, if possible, lots of glitter and shines, because i love sparkles and lights.

    If i die, dress me up with shinny:
    cover me with glitter, dragons and roll. If you can, burn my character sheets with me and spread my dice between the players, because my dice give 20's and holds all the world's luck.

    If i die, call me up with the Ouija:
    It's cheaper than Lada, and you know i don't even answer the phone.
    Organize allnighters, play, explode and burn walls; have fun! and turn all my characters into NPC's, for me to be in the adventure with you a little longer.

    Lastly, if i die, burn me, sow me and turn me into a tree.
    a big, wide and pretty one, that grows tall to the end of the sky,
    for me to be able to watch over you and mock you all and from the very top.

    If i am to die, don't cry for me:
    just roll on the floor laughing your a** off.
    remember that i always loved you, and that you made me strong and superpowerful and, if i could resist, it was all thanks to you and the love you gave me.

    I love and will always love you, because my people is mine, always in my dragon heart.