• The worlds a wreck and moral is low,
    and things look bleaker the more that you know.
    Everyone's anxious edgy and tense,
    ready to condemn the smallest offense.
    No longer do strangers smile and wave,
    it's like we all forgot how to behave.
    We need to be kinder to those we're around,
    or we'll wallow in hatred until all have drowned.
    Emotions are catching and easily spread,
    but try to remember it's all in your head.
    You can control the way that you feel,
    with conviction and faith and time to heal.
    Don't beat yourself up when you're feeling glum.
    Or to the darkness you'll likely succumb.
    Forgive those who've wronged you even yourself,
    put all that baggage away on a shelf.
    Lashing out is easy to do,
    but keeping control is better for you.
    Reacting to anger is just as easy,
    but honestly makes you look just as sleazy.
    It's better sometimes to just walk away,
    and ignore the cruel things that others say.
    It can be hard but what really matters,
    is that you survive and don't wind up in tatters.
    We all have struggles and our own plight,
    just do your best to treat others right.
    No one is perfect and we all have a cause.
    Remember to try not to focus on flaws.