• She is surrounded by the pain that she is forced to inflict
    She walks the streets all unknowing what to predict
    For when they look into her eyes they freeze with fear
    They think to themselves they must leave here
    But in that split second they take there last breath
    And then they fall and she causes one more death

    The angel of darkness walks the streets
    And all who see her there hearts stop there beats
    For she carries with her a blood covered sword
    A dragon who loves, craves misery and always wants more
    A small little demon who will slaughter anything
    A very evil spirit who has that deadliest sting
    And a small little demon who kills any being

    She wears only white out into the street
    With her hair tied back so she can clearly see
    The white dress she wears is slit down the sides
    Where any man shall gaze with there nasty eyes
    On the white dress right in the middle
    Is a golden symbol of a very small fiddle

    To those that see her all she is death
    She only knows pain and all of its tests
    She dreams of peoples misery and feeds off there tears
    She looks into your eyes and kills you with your fears
    She is every kind of darkness you can see
    Every one who sees her drop to there knees
    She hurts everything in her path
    But do be careful don’t judge her to fast

    To this angel of darkness nothing is good
    But really everywhere she goes she is misunderstood
    Though around her there are only demons in the sky
    And everything she looks at seems to die
    But deep in her soul all of her weeps
    For the death that she caused and the sword that she keeps

    She did not chose to be this a prisoner of pain
    She was locked in the dark and it drove her insane
    Her heart was so pure but they turned it black
    All that she wants now is to take it all back
    To take back the killing, the hurt, and despair
    She wants to go back to when she could care
    When her life wasn’t this dark
    Before her huge heart was broken apart

    Now she cries inside for the pain she’s caused
    And only wishes to fix it all
    To take back control of the darkness inside
    To fix every wrong, every disappointment, ever lie
    Maybe one day people wont be so quick to judge the princess
    And maybe a Angel will bring her out of her darkness

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