• The silhouette of you're angelic face;
    The smooth marble surface you're beautiful skin to stone body,
    You're vibrant blue eyes as you stare into mine not moving out of place.
    You make me feel as if I'm a somebody and not a nobody.

    We share this connection day and night,
    I care for you as you care for me;
    You are my damsel and I am your knight.
    This feeling that will last forever is eternal as time itself can be.

    Under the cool, night sky;
    We share secrets and look into each others souls through our starlit eyes.
    It's like our lives are forever intertwined in this hell bent world,
    here in our sacred garden we act younger like a boy and a girl.

    You are my one and only love,
    No one can ever take that away, just as light can't be taken from darkness.
    And so we lay in the cloudy land above;
    staring at two young lovers, laying in a grassy field talking, I watch true loves meaning.
    As the boy stares into the Silhouette of his lovers angelic face.