• It was a normal day with my same old routine; eat, go to work, and then go home. You see though I’m only 16 so I don’t exactly have my driver’s license, so unfortunately I have to walk home. Usually I walked on the main roads where it was very crowded so I wouldn’t run into anyone that I would later on regret meeting. It was different today though because I had a date with this amazing guy named Brad, and I surely was not going to miss it. Work got out late because Tanya was late coming in for her shift. I didn’t want to be late with meeting Brad so I took back roads for simple shortcuts. After walking for about 10 minutes I felt as if I was being followed, so I made haste on walking home. *BANG……CLATTER*! “Who’s there! I should warn you if you don’t leave me alone I have a cell phone and don’t think I won’t call the police.” I shouted out to whomever was following me hoping to scare him away with the cell phone hoax. It seemed to get quieter so I slowly calmed down and continued on my walk home. Before I knew it a random man leaped from behind the alley building and started to chase after me. I ran with fear fueling me with energy but my feeble attempts did me no good. He soon caught up to me and smashed my head into the ground.

    Where am I? It’s so cold and dark here. What’s going on and where is everyone? I am scared to death of where I am, and where I am is something I wish to know. All I can tell is that it is deathly dark, and frigid, and there is also a potent smell coming from somewhere. Maybe I could find some kind of light switch, to brighten it up a little in here.”
    I walked forward stumbling over something a couple times and found the wall. I ran my fingers down the wall in every direction until I found the light switch. When I found it I flipped it up and the light shined through the room, and immediately I wish I never turned it on. I screamed in horror of what I saw. Bodies……bodies everywhere, massacred, and thrown in every direction; all the blood is dripping from them and there are mice eating away at their rotting flesh, you could almost hear them scurrying along the floor. I don’t know how I got here, I don’t even know where here is. Was it possible that this was the end, that this would be the final days of my life, that soon I would be a bloody corpse on the ground like all these other bodies, was this truly the end for me.
    It couldn’t be, could it? I was only 16 so why would anyone want to harm me. I was naturally a nice person and did nothing to any one. Was it possible that I was in a hide out of some sort that belonged to a maniac who got enjoyment from slaughtering people; listening to them scream in horror, while he amputated one limb after another, with no morphine. I was scared, not only for my life, but for the torture that I would soon have to endure.
    As I desperately searched the room for a way out I found a door. Obviously it was locked, I screamed for help and slammed my fists against the door hoping someone would hear me. It seemed like a desperate attempt, but that is what I was, desperate. I was desperate to get out of this Hell whole, and back out into the world where I felt safe. Suddenly I hear footsteps, tap, tap, tapping. The tapping was coming closer and closer to the door as I listened. My reaction was terrified; I ran to the light switch and immediately turned it off and hid in what seemed to be a corner. The door opened and I could see a glimpse of light.
    There he was, a tall man, walking into the room, with what seemed to be a knife. What was happening, was I going to die, was there any hope? I stayed in my corner hoping he wouldn’t find me but my attempts were effortless. He flipped the light switch and scanned the room, and soon his eyes were burning into mine. His eyes were indescribable, coal black, lifeless, and most of all terrifying. I whimpered with tears rolling down my face, “Why are you doing this? Please just let me go I won’t tell anyone, just please let me go.” Apparently my fear amused him. All he did was smile and walk closer to me. Before I knew it, he was right in front of me with a knife in his hand. What was I going to do.
    I did the only thing I could think of at that time, I kicked him directly in the groin and ran for my life. You could here him scream out in pain. While he was distracted I made my get away. I ran through the door and into what seemed to be a normal everyday house. Behind me I could hear the man screaming, “You’ll pay for that witch, run all you want but I will find you, and you’ll wish you never did that.” I was petrified, and had nowhere to go, I had no time to find the door to let me out of this house, so I searched for a hiding spot. I ended up in a small little closet; with no weapon, and no phone, it looked as if this was the end for me. Will he find me, will he think I made it outside and go searching for me, I don’t know. I will wait it out and hopefully he won’t find me.
    I heard footsteps once again enclosing on my hiding place. I was doomed, he knew I was in this shabby little closet. The door flew open and there he was, furry raging through his eyes. “HELP ME, ANYONE, PLEASE HEAR ME!” Then everything went black.