• all are quiet now, no more crying
    no more tears, only doomed in dying
    no more hearts to break by pain
    for only emptiness i gain

    no more razorblades tears to cry
    my eyes have already gone dry
    no more hearts to be broken
    buried in the grave and time frozen

    i was happy before but now i am not
    only happy for i will be in the dead's lot
    alone in darkness i stay
    "take my rubbish life" i say

    bruised and battered, my heart is
    i let you do it but i don't deserve this
    i let you hurt me because i love you
    let you kill me in all things you do

    end my cruel life, and suffering heart
    it is scratched, wounded, and torn apart
    you are killing me everyday you love me
    i can't get over you, i could never be free