• The Guardian Angel that was born and sets
    God told him lay low to suffer and protect
    Guardian Angel wants no money that last for a while
    He wants something that forever a smile

    Black and blue its my color of the gang
    Bullets, Bats, chains is there game
    My emotions leave there head shaking in shame
    The color of my heart is pink and red thats my name

    You've been kidnapped you think for life thats a wrap
    But you forgoten of your guardian angel
    The man who has a halo
    I will come for you thats a fact

    My eyes will cry blood
    The knees on the mud
    Swords all over my body
    Its ok you can stop hiding

    My hands been crushed
    I lay down as she want me to heal in a rush
    I wanted to say a word but a finger to my lips and a hush
    My face has a sudden blush

    Her lips are red wine
    A kiss and she doesnt mind
    I was so kind
    Clouds goes away lit of light on my heart

    It shines