• Missing you
    Seeing you everywhere I go
    Watching you
    Living your life alone
    Remembering how things used to be

    And that empty feeling inside me
    It tears me apart
    Worrying, wondering
    Tell me your thoughts
    Those unreadable eyes
    Hurt me so deep
    And that’s when I knew that
    We were never to be

    And once again, I remember
    The feeling of
    Your heartbeat so strong
    Beating against me
    That look in your eyes
    When you told me you loved me

    And now that’s all gone
    That’s all that I had
    You’ve left me with nothing
    So barren, so dead

    And now, once again
    I catch you alone
    Seeing you once more
    As I once have done
    Loving you as I did
    In days long gone by
    And in your eyes also
    I see it once more
    That flickering fire
    Of those days before
    The longing, the memories
    I know we both feel
    Yet still they seem so very
    Far away, surreal.

    But for this last little moment
    I want you with me
    To see you, to love you
    To set myself free
    To be there with you
    To read those dark eyes
    And see once again
    Those days passing by

    And now its all over
    I know that its gone
    Those happy old days
    Those times long gone
    But now I finally know that
    Its time to move on
    Say good bye to the past
    And keep living on
    Face the new music
    Learn the new songs
    But I’ll love you forever
    For those days long gone...