• Candles lighting the way through the dark,
    A roaring fire that began just a spark,
    Growing as our bond grows, too,
    You and me and me and you,
    Nonsensical and unbreakable.
    A hundred hands
    Hold my hand
    A hundred people
    Hold my heart
    A million words
    To make me stronger
    When everything--
    It falls apart.
    A dancing flame
    It sometimes burns
    But through the pain
    A good friend learns
    Dancing together
    Close, almost stuck together
    Close enough to feel the warmth
    That warms us
    Always and forever
    Love is passed around
    It is in the molecules rising up from the ground
    As the phoenix dies and in reborn again,
    So, too, is the love of a love or a friend
    So, too, is the love, the love that we share
    We know, no matter what,
    Our friends will always be there.