• A Guide for a Princess

    Princess of the many lands,
    Who is of much grace,
    Can you tell me in your knowledge,
    How you feel about your place?

    Princess of the lands many wealth’s,
    Who sits upon her throne,
    Where is it in your imagination?
    Where is your heart telling you to roam?

    Princess who is but sitting there,
    A look of sadness upon her face,
    Why do you not say something,
    And be upon your way to that place?

    Princess who dresses in such elegance,
    And wears her finest jewels,
    Do you like the idea of political power,
    And of the peoples land you rule?

    Princess dear, do not stay,
    Because you feel it is your duty,
    You are a person right before,
    Your royalty, grace and beauty.

    Princess in the carriage seat,
    Where is it we shall go today?
    How far across the land shall we go?
    Where is it you would like to stay?

    Princess of the bravest heart,
    What will you do for now?
    Will you change your looks and style,
    Or will you make the people bow?

    Princess, Princess, Now is the time,
    The path forks before our feet.
    You go one way, I’ll go the other,
    And only fate knows what we’ll meet.