• 1. I'm terrified of grave yards because if I went here I could feel the negative energy into it.

    2. I'm scared of Count Dracula ever since I was a little girl, when I see him my heart will race.

    3. I not comfortable with witches, ghosts, skeletons especially vampires because it's all bad.

    4. My art work is filled with all different colors of the rainbow.

    5. I never classified myself as a goth because I kept myself as mysterious as possible.

    6. I don't always dye my hair because it's filled with chemicals.

    7. I don't really listen to Suisse and the banshees, the cure or the bah house.

    8. I don't wear black lipstick because it's scares the crap out of me.

    9. I'm not into death.

    10. I never watch nightmare before Christmas.

    11. I don't own a silver crosses.

    12. I love to wear rainbow colors.

    13. I don't like to drink black coffee.

    14. I don't drink coke because it rot your teeth.