• Oneday a young women bumps into a man." Oh i'm sorry i was on the phone i wasn't paying attention." she said ,rubbing her sholder "no it was me i am so sorry." He said.
    She was lost in is dark blue familiar eyes. "Well i'm mike." Mike said breaking the silence. "oh i'm mary so mike could i repay you by dinner ay my place i am a great cook." Mary asked. "that be great." Mike replied. Mary smiled and said, "ok follow me!" At mary's house things started great untill this. "wow you are a great cook but-" Mike said interuptedly.
    Then the door opened. "Mary! I'm home!" A womens voice yelled. "Oh no my mom." mary said scared. "your mom?" mike question. "mom oh can you go somewhere i got a guy in the kitchen" she asked. "Oh is he cute i want to see." Mary's mother said. As the mother walked into the kitchen she stopped in her tracks. "M-Mike?" she said.
    mike turned and froze, "S-Sarah?" "wait you and Mar- GET OUT!" Sarah yelled. "mom whats wrong he's just-wait how do you know his name?" Mary wondered. "mary Mike is really your father." she stampered