• Declaration for Independence

    At some point throughout life, a person finds it necessary to break away from the social bonds of their culture or society. Here stated are the reasons for which an individual might stray from the norm.

    All men, however falsely justified, are not created equal. This does not mean a certain people to be lower than another. This simply states that all of mankind continues to be created differently. . A man of great athletic ability may lack in artistic ability. An individual may be of greater intelligence, however, this is not meant to say that the other is thick. Every person has a right to pursue happiness. Happiness includes self expression, without which we all would truly be equal. Who are we to deny them that happiness? In the history of the world, there has been no culture that allows complete and total freedom of the heart, mind, and soul. Society is full of restrictions and boundaries that are illegal to cross. As evidence to the eyes, let the following be stated and considered.

    Humans, as much as we say they are, are not created equal in body, mind, or soul. If they were, we would not have leaders, holy souls, or promotions.

    All people act, think, and are raised different from their neighbor.

    Personally I have struggled with having to blend to society and it is difficult when a lot of your loved ones are not accepting.

    The world always has a continuous segregation that transfers from cause to cause, lessening from the previous ‘problem’ but escalating onto the new. The prejudice never ends. The cycle continues on a different group who only wish to investigate new and/or original ways of doing the same thing that the rest of society claims is reasonable until it is done by one of these individuals.

    Creative spirits are proven to be good to themselves, however, they cannot when they are being oppressed by the ‘normal’ that we are guided to follow.

    The more a man’s mind can wonder, the more learned he becomes.

    Human beings learn through life experiences. How can one learn the new if the old is rendering the new incapable of showing itself?

    The rationalists’ Age of Reason was based upon a new way of thinking and behaving and even believing. Here we do the same. A new way of thinking is coming from a new generation.

    The older generation does not understand, thus they create a blinder over their eyes and direct their children, who are to have free will, to do the same, creating more ignorant minds that shoot down brilliant ideas because of what their parent believes.

    In previous attempts, original individuals or groups, who have tried to reason with their society and the government, were rejected. For instance, homosexual people worked towards being able to express themselves and their way of living. Still others make disasters out of their lives using violence, verbal abuse, or other means. Only recently has the government decided to rethink the situation. I find myself pondering who will be next after this debacle is over.

    In my own experiences I have spoken up for myself, avoided the use of violence, politely addressed my discomfort with negative tones or crude jokes about my own originality, and agreed to compromise with certain people with how far I am able to go with my creativity depending on my position at the time. For all of my efforts all I have accomplished is, inadvertently, making people believe that I am in a gang, creating a target of myself for verbal abuses, and being told that the majority of my style is either inappropriate for my personality or not suited for anyone. Thus, I have found the need to separate myself from the demoralizing community in which I find myself stationed.

    I, a common person with a distinct persona, do, in my own name, solemnly declare, for myself with the possibility of others, my independence from the irrational bonds that claim the world and do, under my own will, free myself from the discomfort of a tightly bound society and with it request that I should not have any of my previous experiences repeated so I may live out my days in tranquility.