• Sept. 17- One kid's punishment, another's treasure (hopefully)

    Over the past week I’ve been thinking about this whole journal thing, I’m not getting out of it easily, so I might as well play along for now. Besides, I feel like it should be my duty to write this as a guide for future people like me.
    So if you’re reading this , you’re probably just like me; quiet, shy, and you like to be left alone. But if you are a prep, jock, or fit into some other stereotype I congratulate you on being able to read this far but ask you to immediately stop reading, this book is not for you.
    Well I guess I should tell you a bit about me first. My name is John Little and I attend Greenbrook High. I’m currently Fresh meat in the shark tank of high school, which can be a little scary at times. All day I sit alone, usually in the window seat, and drift away into my world of thought. This has officially earned me the nickname “bubble boy” (which I really hate) and a few others that I really don’t want to mention. I’m very literate and I love English class.
    Oh, I should warn you before I go any further, I am a very strange kid and my thoughts are sometimes… odd. So if you are a normal person and plan to stay that way read no further, normally my thoughts would drive a normal person mad, therefore putting them in a state of abnormality. But then again “Normal is just a setting on your dryer.”