• Kaylee Damron

    White Wings


    The Castle was bursting with energy, everything was going to be perfect. Servants of both Elvin and human kind were humming with excitement and silent bickering. King Lysander paced through the halls ready to break down at any moment, his queen had went into labor the day before and was to be left alone to recuperate. Oh how he wanted to see, to hold his child, even he the king of Lavinia knew not of his child’s gender or whether or not his wife or child lived. He sat upon a bench face in his hands breathing deeply. He stared up at the ceiling seeing the mural of the gods of time space and life. Why should they decide fate they no longer walked this earth they should have no say in it. Contemplating on the thought of the gods he barely noticed the chamber door opening.
    “My lord Lysander?” A small mousey looking maid looks for him.
    The king snaps his attention toward the chamber maid
    “What girl?”
    She gives a warm smile and shows her fatigue
    “You may come see milady and the babe now. Never have I seen such a gift surely the gods smile upon you! ”
    He smiles rising from the bench in a hurry to see his family. Almost knocking the maid on the ground he enters the fire lit room. His eyes searched the room finally meeting the gaze of his disheveled but glowing queen. She held a bundle of silk sheets that held the infant. What the king didn’t expect was a gypsy sitting beside the queen muttering to herself eyes on the child as her fingers entwined in string.
    “Oh my love, darling, tell me how fare you and the child?”
    She caresses the baby’s cheek.
    “Everything is wonderful, Come see your Princess.”
    A girl a sweet daughter for whom the world would be given. He started to walk toward the bed arms out spread to receive his child. The gypsy rose from her seat with inhuman speed blocking his path to his queen.
    “What is the meaning of this? Elda who is this why does she stop me?” The gypsy’s eyes were a wild green her waist length black hair blew wildly even though no wind blew. She then spoke with a voice that did not sound as if it were her own but to many others.
    “Witch king of Lavinia you have forsaken those who created this world. You now must pay the price, those dearest to you have been marked and shall change form when the moon is high and the change shall remain for all eternity.” The gypsy’s body rose lightly and then fell to her knees, she whips around and stares at the queen trembling. The king knocks her aside and rushes to the queen and removes the silk folds from the Childs face. The king jumped back in disgust the Childs eyes were wide open staring at him with lavender glow. Small wisps of snow white hair clung to her head. Shaking his head over and over denying this was happening refusing to accept it.
    “This…This abomination is not mine! No I will not accept this beast.”
    The king’s hands were trembling with rage. He looked down at his hands and notices a strange mark on them and gasps. Certainly this couldn’t be the mark the gypsy spoke of? He grabbed Elda’s hand and saw the same mark no doubt the child bore it to. He turns on his heels to leave and slams the chamber door behind him.
    “Guards!” he bellowed
    The guards ran toward him in a hurry expecting trouble.
    “Yes milord?” the captain said out of breath.
    “Kill the queen and her newborn she has committed high treason and I will not stand for this” the king roared making sure to keep his hand out of sight.
    “Are you…Sure milord?
    “Yes I am sure do as I command!” the king then leaves for his room.
    “Alright men let’s move” the guards were on their way to the chamber not knowing their king silently wept with rage.

    Queen Elda was shaking with fear she had heard her husband’s command and now fled for her and the Childs life. Her dear friend the gypsy Marianna had shown her a secret passage behind the fire place that led to the kitchen. Surprisingly the baby remained silent even though many around her panicked. Many of the servants had been close to the queen and wanted nothing more than for her to escape.
    “Marianna I have a request of you please ...Please as my dearest friend take Vanora hide you and her in the wilds.” The queen pleaded quietly. Marianna stared hard at the queen.
    “The Princesses name dear friend.”
    “You remember the warning the spirits gave the king? They spoke of a transformation that you and your family will share. I glimpsed what form you will take and I believe I can help you control it.”
    Elda shook her head “Another time Marianna right now you must take Vanora away from here far away, raise her as your own, that’s an order you understand?”
    Marianna nodded “yes your majesty I shall leave now may the gods watch over you darling.”
    Marianna Took Vanora from the queens arms and fled to the woods not looking back praying the gods were on her side.
    The queen ran through the castle avoiding guards trying to find her husband to talk sense into him. She ran down the steps when she heard a voice.
    “There she is! Milady stop... Now!”
    Elda gasps panicking she runs down the steps faster not paying attention she trips on her gown and falls to the ground. The clanking of armor can be heard behind her then it comes to a stop. The queen turns her head slowly to see her killers and screams.

    King Lysander sits his room staring at the fire hearing the scream of his queen being slaughtered. His mind warps and he seethes with rage he is no longer is civil, only thoughts of death and revenge. His hand is burning and twitching the moon is almost to its highest point. As it inches its way to the top of the sky the king raises from his seat to stare out the window his whole body shaking. Throughout the halls everyone hears the scream then the explosion and roar of rage.

    Marianna is halfway through the woods and is careful not to injure the infant princess she must keep her safe. Far behind she can here an explosion at the castle and the roar of a beast and the flapping of wings she ducks down low to hide. Over head a large silhouette flying across the night sky is searching. The form in which the child had taken a few moments ago was now in her arms. It was a beautiful diamond white dragon with illuminated lavender eyes.