• even though today was earth day some one did something so wrong and sad to the earth in the year 2008 that you are not going to be able to believe it!

    a girl named jannete was walking home from skool she was angry because she had just finished fist fighting wit a girl she really really hates but anyway once she got 2 blocks away from skool she yanked a couple of flowers and spit on them then she shoved it in a little girls back pack it was so mean to do then when she got home she took a shovel and a pale and she started to dig out her grandmothers beatiful flowers and put the dirt and roots in the pale then she wrapped the flowers in gift paper with devil horns on it and put it in her grandfathers grave after she got home she took the pale wit dirt and threw it all on top of the whole neighborhoods cars after her anger was gone just a little she went to her mom and asked for money to buy a plant so she went and bought the plant and she went to her room and shoved it in her closet 3 days later she was in a very good mood she went to look for a shirt in her closet and she saw the dead plant she started to cry about everything she did but it was too late to apologyze to mother nature cry she did not do anything about all the bad things she did but she asked god to forgive her and he did