• Some people are so damn salty about this.

    They keep bitching and saying "PeOpLe WiLl RaIsE mOnEy ThAt QuIcK fOr A cHuRcH, bUt NoT tHe PoOr!"

    Let's be real - You don't give 2 shits about the poor until a tragedy happens and you start seeing $$$$ that others have donated, all the while you want to virtue signal by bringing up the homeless problem during a situation that doesn't involve them; Then when the tragedy is over with you go right back to ignoring the homeless and letting them fade into the background of society - Not giving them a second thought.

    You basically want the world to care about the homeless while you sit on your a** not doing a thing to help them make a permanent change in their lives, just so you can look morally superior.

    Notre Dame is a historical, architectural work of art that has been around for 856 years, and everything should be done to preserve it; Them raising money to preserve their place of worship shouldn't stop you from donating to a homelessness charity.

    If you give even a single s**t about the homeless, like you seem to, then quit virtue signaling on FB and go donate your money and time to a homeless shelter/campaign - Something you should have been doing before tragedies, since you care so much.