• Story By: Chris O’Brien.
    Title: ?

    Chapter one, The Story Begins

    What is it, that we become animals and try to kill one another to services nothing but thoughts of nothing. Flowing between two items in which is wasteful in time?

    I have become sorrowed only after being away from Amy, I only long to listen and to hold her. And pray she stays faithful with me. It wasn’t long after did she wish to be with me out of a role-play, I have never seen her face, heard her voice, and yet I feel wanted in her eyes, even though her eyes are a mystery to me. I long and wait to see these eyes, to touch her cheeks, her body, and her soul. But what more can I do but wait for that day. I feel useless in a world with out me seems better then a world with me inside of it. It’s not less that we come so far only to see the end of are lives and wonder, if we could have done more.

    It was a Saturday, I left my grandmas house after watching it for over two weeks and I found my self driven to ask her if I could stay so I could speak with my love. There’s much you don’t know about me. Some things that may shock you into believing “Am I Real”. Only time could tell as I could feel the sun breaking my skin of my left arm as my grandma was taking me home. I pulled back to only ponder, maybe I should allow this to happen. Maybe better to feel this then feel a heart break. But then I never thought Vampires would have hearts for others. My name is Christopher John O’Brien, and I’m a vampire of the night. Most of you think the words “Lame” Only to access the very typical feeling when you hear the word. “Vampire” Like it’s some kind of wild fire spreading through are nation. I don’t think for a moment I’m a common vampire, why should I. I mean life with me is less the unperfected for the whole reason my life sucks. But when you think vampire, you think rich snob who love to hunt in the night. I say I pity you who think this. Not everyone that’s a Vampire in this world is rich, and a snob. That I can assure you.

    When I got to the house I spoke to my grandma which only drove me insane that she said I could only come over next week, And yet she has a boyfriend so she says. “lame” Escape my lips, almost forgetting she was there to hear these words. She didn’t, sense my grandmas is old, I simply looked at her and took my stuff in twos so it only took me two trips to get it into my house. Some people would say I would be the common human, but then again what do they know? I’m 5’11 and I have almost pale skin, my hair is black and long in the back almost to my shoulders finally, my hair in my front is past my nose and it’s now mixing with the blond coming through my roots of my head. Unbalanced I keep dyeing my hair with cheep brands only to wonder how long before my hair grows again and leaves the blond to come out. I would bluntly sigh as I would always where my Death Note T-shirt and black so called Gothic pants that haven’t been washed in lets see the better part of two weeks. Though the funny thing is they don’t stick. But then again thanks to my Ax’s and Deodorant I can maybe go another three months. But I don’t think I will, soon as possible I will most likely get them washed tomorrow if I don’t go to Phillips house. Phillip is one of my other friends past Kyle who knows I’m a vampire. Before we get to him, I bet your wondering how I became a vampire. Lets say he’s my best friend for now and tell you why later. All I can say is it was easier then being bitten. No I didn’t give my soul to the devil, and I can assure you he wants it. But then again I never cared in the first place now did I?

    It was a dark night as I walked down are country roads, it was impossible to see to great in the dark and I was already frustrated with passing drivers down the middle of the road. How idiotic. Right, not like I’m going to kill them. I mean what would it do to them to stop, pick someone up drop them off at the next corner and keep going. It wouldn’t! I mean come on, the only reason over half of Cyril avoids me is because I’m Gothic, but then again they might think I’m going to blow up the school I went too well I have something to say to that. “******** You, and all your little towns people. Yeah that ******** too, Kyle Smith.” That will be left for another story. Come to think of it I skipped twenty years of my life and forgot to feel you in on it. Such a shame, you might have been bored out of your mind for the next three years to only find out it’s the same crap over and over, only on a different years. But back to how I became a vampire. Like I said before I was nineteen going on down a dark road in the middle of night to possibly get home. Scary setting, for a stupid reason. You ask why I was walking, I had just come from my ex best friends grandmothers house after him yelling at me over nothing. I simply told him to back off and what not, and he said “This is my Grandmas house.” And all that crap that goes with it. How many times have you had a friend do that? Me just about a few times a day, so I made up for it and started to walk from Cement half way into Cyril and then I would have to make a left onto a old road. His b***h of a girlfriend who I have disliked from the starting had to turn around only to ask me if I wanted a ride. I would be nice about it, but it didn’t seem well “Me”. I paused and simply kept walking and made my left waving my right arm as I would say “I’m fine, just keep drive.”

    Yeah she had to reply with “Are you sure.” As if she really gave a damn about someone like me in the first place, let me give you a insight of this girls head, she’s sixteen and she’s dating my old best friend whose just now getting nineteen under his belt. Yeah kind of messed up, but I let him make those decisions for him self. Not like I was going to get into his affairs, if he liked the younger ones, be my guest. Any ways I started down are already screwed up roads only to stick my foot into a small hole and walk out of it. I lived out in the middle of no where are they wanted me to walk alone in the dark. You are kidding me right? Asia wanted to take me into town, yeah sister I was going into to town. I had over a dozen motor vehicles pass me with out a sing thought to stop and pick me up and drop me off at the cross way to my house, which isn’t very far from my house, just about less then half a mile and they had the nerve to speed up as they went by. Annoying is what I say about it. I made my way up the long road and would pass a yellow house, I already knew I was being followed by something, though it was silent I could feel the hair on the back of my neck stand up saying “Hey, someone’s following you.” But I ignored this feeling because I guess I was nothing more then a emotionless teen. I shrugged it off with ease and keep walking until I got to the cross way, not far from here either. I took my left at this four way crossing dirt road in the middle of no where and would meet face to face with a dark figure. The thing stood 6’4 and looked almost lean enough to rip a stop sign from the ground and or rip someone in half. I knew it was the thing following me because I have seen it before in my dreams. I called it mister Nightmare and let me self be on my way. I stood there looking deep into his neglecting yet charming eyes of blue and silver. I thought it was going to eat me like a monster in those scary movies. I could not make out much of his form other then the fact he was wearing some very old clothing, like a noble would, only with out the hair and it was Crimson blood, wow, only in movies do you see something so awesome. But this wasn’t the time nor the place to want to find out what he or she was.

    I could only look at it to think, years of martial arts and I’m stuck in a rut with this beast of a person. I shifted my body weight to my right leg and let the tip stand up as I slide my back leg a bit to the back now, letting my foot come into a L shape which connected with my right foot. This was to keep balance if I was to kick, but I hardly ever fought anyone, less to hurt them. And I never did that for there own well being and for my own. I watched it take a steps so I took mine and threw a strong right kick at it’s head and with ease it was caught with a might grasp and twist, he made my body flip and he was less hesitant and caught me with his left hand and grasped and pulled me and embraced me with a dark kiss on the neck. He bit into my skin and drew blood from the right of my neck, most of the times vampires bite from the left and not the right, be either way they get what they want. I couldn’t move in his strong arms and it almost made me flinch in pain, but I have been bitten before by Randy which is a Girl and who is a friend of mine and Phillips and Stacy’s. I felt my body start to go limp as I had the thought of losing color in my cheek bones. I was so laid out with pain and drained do to blood loss I couldn’t feel the thing drop me, and leave me there to die. I felt my right and leg hand slowly crawl from out form under me to crawl me into a ditch where I would lay out of sight, why I did this I have no faintest clue as to why. I laid there only to feel my blood boil and my strength come back, but it was still weak. I slowly stood up and held the right of my neck and slowly made my way down the road to the house. It took me a whole 30 minutes to get to my house, I was already drained of power, and strength when I got into the gate of my house I would walk in slowly, walk into the front room and fall down on the couch which I used for my bed, and with out a word I was out. For the past few days I felt my blood boil, and through out every vain of mine I could feel my skin get colder, and colder as if I was going to die. My mom thought It was a bad cold and got me some cough syrup to get me to sleep, yeah like my body was going to let me go to sleep with it screaming in pain as if my skin was on fire.

    My brother Josh, and Ashley where living together with my Mother Lisa, and my Step Father Robert. Go figure that it had to be a vampire that bit me, it was the next morning, and I felt the slightest sun light on my skin and I felt it burn like no other, it was horrible to think the sun could hurt me so badly I flinched tightened up and hid under the covers. No one was home thankfully, I opened my eyes and could see plain as day under the darkness of the covers. I was sad, and at the same time thankful I wasn’t going to die. I was a vampire that morning, and I had to find some where else to sleep then in my living room. Yeah pointless that it has a massive window in the front living room. “Why?” I spoke to my self from under the covers, as to the simple fact it was massive! I rolled my self in the covers and wormed my way out of the living room, and into the back bed room and I got up enough to open the door and slide into it and shut it, I rolled under the bed and would lay there now. Thinking to my self how thoughtless this was. I looked at my hands and noticed small pointy claws on the tips of my finger nails.