• Chapter 5

    I started to toss and turn on the couch, I could fell that I didn’t have much space to move so I let my self wake up. I opened my eyes it was light so it couldn’t have been that long. I felt a little light headed but I ignored it and my neck was throbbing where Matthew bit me. I sat up looking around Josh was sitting on the coffee table looking at me. Matthew was sitting on a chare watching TV. “How long have I been out?” I asked Josh.
    He turned and looked at the clock “about an hour, how do you fell?” he asked.
    “Fine a little lightheaded though. What happened? I don’t really remember,” I asked.
    Matthew got up and stood next to the coffee table, “well I bit you and didn’t tell you I had poison on my teeth. Then you passed out and we set you on the couch. That’s about it”
    “You’re probably lightheaded because Matthew took a lot of blood. I am sorry I didn’t tell you about the poison,” Josh said “one of us should have. You might what to lay back down it till you get a little more blood back” he said smiling.
    “I’m not mad,” I said as I stood up of the couch “I don’t think I want to lie down anymore. Standing will be fine”
    Josh smiled and stood up too, “no you need to lie down,” he picked me up and set me back on the couch. “Your probably hungry let me get you some food I will be right back, Matthew keep her on the couch.” He said as he walked out of the room.
    Matthew nodded, and sat where Josh was “I am sorry I should have told you about the poison.”
    “Really its fine I’m not mad,” I told him as sat up.
    He put his hand on my shoulder and pushed me in till I was lying on the couch again, “come on, I did take a lot of blood you need to rest.” He kept his hand there so I couldn’t get up again.
    “I have been resting for an hour,” I complained.
    He didn’t move.
    “Fine,” I moved my hand to my neck to fell the burses that he made. Two teeth marks perfectly aliened with each other.
    He looked at my hand, “dose it hurt?” he asked.
    “No,” I said as I moved my hand off my neck. “I can’t really tell its there,” I told him.
    He nodded “that’s good,” he said as he lifted his hand off my shoulder.
    Josh walked in with a plate of food, “do you like peanut butter and jelly?” he asked.
    “Yeah,” I told him “can I sit up an eat it?” I asked.
    “Yes that’s fine” he said as he handed me the plat of food
    I sat up and placed the food on my lap “you know I am going to be ok, there is no need to worry about me,” I told them as I ate some of the sandwich.
    He smiled “but I worry anyways,” he said.
    I blushed and smiled “that’s what I have dad for, I don’t need you to.” I told him as I set the rest of the sandwich on the plate and set the plat on the table.
    Josh picked up my arm by my wrist and just held my wrist for a minute, “your hear beat is almost back to normal,” he said as he let go of my arm.
    “So can I get up now?” I asked.
    Josh sighed “yeah I guess you can.”
    I was thankful he finally gave up. I got off the couch and walked to the other side of the table. “So what are we going to do now?” I asked them.
    Matthew looked at me and shrugged.
    “I should probably get you home,” Josh said.
    “Yah that sounds good but first can I see your house?”
    Josh smiled “alright, come on.” He pointed to the door he entered though “that’s the kitchen” he started toads the stair case.
    I fallowed him up the stairs. There where six doors three on the left and three on the right.
    As he walked by each one he tapped on the door and named it. The first on the left “bathroom,” the first on the right “office” second on the left “guest room, witch has never been used” the second of the right “Matthew’s room” third on the left “My room” and then the last door “open it,”
    I stepped ahead of him and reached out and opened the door, it was dark and I could tell it was another stair case. I tuned and looked at him.
    “Go on up, your not scarred are you?” he said looking up the stair case.
    I sighed and stared up the stairs after five Josh shut the door and it became pitch black. I couldn’t see my hand in front of my face and I had no idea where I was going. “Josh, where are we going?” I asked as I took a few more steeps then stopped.
    He put his hand on my shoulder and I jumped “come on don’t you trust me?” he answered my question of his own.
    “Well you let Matthew bit me and he made me pass out, should I trust you?” I asked.
    He kept his hand on my shoulder in till he was standing in front of me. He slid his hand down my arm in till he was holding my wrist again. “I would never let something really bad happen to you, now come on you’ll like this,” he said as he pulled me up the stars. Once he stopped he opened another door and light flooded in, I could see he brought me onto the roof.
    “Okay, I will trust you next time.” I said as we walked out onto the roof top we where pretty high up –two stories- there wasn’t a railing around the perimeter. I walked in till I was a few feet away from the edge. The forest looked so pretty all the leaves where turning orange and brown, no leafs where falling off the trees yet. “It’s so pretty up here,” I told him.
    “Yes I know,” He said smiling.
    “Do you remember when we where in the car and you where telling me that you are a vampire? Well what did you mean by werewolves, and pixies?”
    “Well first of all we don’t forget things easy it takes a long time to forget things. By werewolves and pixies I mean people who turn into wolfs and little people with wings. You know most stories use monsters that are real but they change some things that make us seem so bad. Like werewolves don’t eat people, they eat animals but if you starve them they could. The do have to change on a full moon but they can also change when ever they what. Pixies aren’t nice; they aren’t nice they only like there kind and they know every insult there is.”
    “So most of those monsters are real?! How can they hide so well?”
    “Most movies take care of hiding then, no one wants to watch a move that’s real. So we settle in and pretend to be humans, or pets.”
    “Oh that makes since”
    “So do you want to see the rest of the house?” he asked walking torts the door.
    “Yes, so you can read minds and shape shift, can Matthew do anything besides the biting sleeping thing?”
    “No,” he said as we walked back down the dark stairs “most only get one extra thing some don’t get any” he kept walking in till we where back in the living room.
    I fallowed him in to the kitchen and then he pointed to another door “open it.”
    “Alright,” I opened the door it was another dark stair way, I started down it. After a few steeps Josh shut the door again and I was walking in darkness again. “Where dose this go?” I asked as we kept walking down.
    “It’s just a basement, but I want you to meat some one” he said as he fallowed me down the stairs.
    I opened that door there wasn’t anyone in there. I was like a second living room but this one was much more colorful. The walls where red and orange, the couch was blue and purple, a black chair on each side of the couch, a white double door made of glass and a TV hung on the wall all the colors where very bright. “When are they going to be here?” I asked as a walked around the room
    “A few minutes, he is going to see if he can find a pixie or a fairy to come with him so you can see them.”
    “But what is he?” I asked josh.
    “You will see just wait a few minutes,” he told me.
    I walked around and sat on the couch “alright, what are we going to do in till they get here?” I asked him.
    He came over and sat next to me, “I was wondering if you came up with an answer yet?”
    I wasn’t sure what he meant, but I remembered last night he asked if he could bite me. “I have, you can bite me”
    He smiled “you have had enough for now, later maybe.”
    I smiled and poked my finger at his closed lips “come on, you know you want to.” I tried to convince him.
    He grabbed my wrist so he could talk “yes I want to, but I’m not going to,” them he let go of my wrist.
    I poked my finger back at his lips “oh come on, what’s the worst you could do?” I asked teasel.
    His eyes turned red, and smiled with fangs handing out of his mouth. But still not letting my finger in. “I will show you,” he said. And before I had time to realize what he did. He was on top of me his knees pining my arms to the ground eyes glowing red.
    The feel of his cool keens on my arms made me shiver. But I smiled, he gave in.
    He bent his head down and I felt his teeth touch the skin on my neck. I close my eyes waiting for him to break skin. He adds a little presser to his teeth.
    Knocking form the door surprised us both. He looked up from my neck. He got up and I was getting ready to.
    “No you stay right there in till I come back.” He said as he walked over to the door and opened it. He steeped out side closing the door behind him.
    I sighed and stayed on the floor, wondering what they where doing or who that guy was? Even a better question what he is? I wasn’t sure Josh was lessoning but he didn’t response so I guessed he wasn’t.
    The sound of an opening door caught my attention in the quiet room. I turned my head to see the boy, Josh, a girl and a really little person flying around there heads.
    “Okay you can get up now” Josh told me as he walked over to me helping me up. His eyes where still bright red, but his teeth no longer fangs.
    I got up and looked at the three, but it was more like two and a half. The little faire girl was the size of a Barbie doll. Long blond hair but she didn’t look like a Barbie. It was obvious she wasn’t made of plastic by her pink and black wings that where fluting keeping her in the air. The taller normal sized girl had short black hair, she was taller then the fair girl but shorter then the boy. He was very tall –I was surprised he didn’t have to duck thro the door frame- with short brown hair.
    “Hello” the girl greeted me.
    The little fair girl got a little closer to me and hissed at me. She flew around me a few times then hissed again.
    I tried not to focus on the faire girl hissing at me. “Hello, I’m Rhiannon” I greeted them as I smiled.
    The girl looked at the faire “Amy, stop it” she almost yelled at her. “Sorry she doesn’t take kindly to humans,” she apologized. “I am Rachael and this is Dan, and just so you know neither one of us is human. I am dead but I am still living, I don’t know what it’s called. But he is a-” she didn’t finish her sentence. “Well let him show you.”
    I looked at him and the same way josh dose he turns into a wolf. “He’s a werewolf?” I asked just making sure I was right
    He barked and howled. I assumed that was a yes. He walked over to me and sniffed my leg.
    I bent down and petted his head and back. He was brown as a wolf and he was very fluffy.
    “Okay would you guys like to sit and talk?” Josh asked as we walked over to the cough. He sat and so did Rachael and Amy.
    I pulled a char over so I could see them and sat facing them. Dan sat on my lap and I continued to pet him.
    Over the last hour there mouths keep moving but I wasn’t really hearing what was coming out. Like they where put on mute. But I didn’t really mind I just watched and pet. Once and a wile Dan would bark or howl and I would hear a little of the conversation but then it would go back to mute. It seemed another few hours went by and had no idea what they where talking about.
    Dan barked and I looked at Josh, he was talking.
    “So when our eyes are red it means we want blood, if they are blood red it means we will do what ever it takes to get blood, and almost nothing can stop us.” He said then looked at me. “You need to remember that ok?” He told me.
    I nodded and then everything was mute once again. It was getting kind of annoying but I didn’t say anything to them. Another twenty minutes or so and Dan barked again.
    “That’s a good idea Rachael, Rhiannon they have to go soon and can come back pretty early in the morning. So if you could spend the night here then we could talk some more later.” He said smiling.
    “Okay it’s worth a shot trying to get my dad to say yes,” I told them as I pulled my cell phone out of my pocket and dialed the number. It rang a few times but then it answered.
    “Hello?” dad asked
    “Hay dad, it’s me sorry I didn’t call.”
    “I thought you died or something you’ve been gone almost all day.”
    “I know, sorry. I got talking with a friend and she wasn’t me to spent the night at her house so I’m not coming home tonight is it ok with you?”
    “Yah just be careful”
    “I will, love you.”
    “Love you too bye.”
    I shut the phone and put it back in my pocket. “Okay I am spending the night here,” I said as all of them –but Amy- smiled.
    “Alright let’s get going, see you two later” Rachael said as they all got up and started walking torts the door.
    I wave good bye.
    “Okay see you guys later” Josh told them as they steeped out and shut the door. He looked at me “Did you like them?” he asked me.
    I looked out the door and in was pretty dark out side. I yawned, “Yah there really nice.” I told him.
    He smiled “I forgot you need to sleep more then we do, we only need a little sleep. Come on lets get you in bed.” He said as we both stood up. “Are you hungry?” he asked as we made our way up the first case of stairs.
    “No, are you?” I asked him. I guessed I walked up the other case of stairs and didn’t know it, we where at the guest room door.
    He smiled “no so get some sleep,” he said as he opened the door to the gust room.
    I stepped in and he shut the door behind me, it was dark so I couldn’t really see what the room looked like. All I could make out was is the silhouette of the bed. I didn’t even bother getting under the covers, I just lay on top.
    Drifting off to sleep I could hear the door open and some one step in. I was planning on opening my eyes in till he spoke
    “Keep your eyes closed” It was a guy’s voice who spoke. It wasn’t Josh’s. But I was pretty sure it was Mathew’s
    He walked over to the bed and lay in the bed facing me. He put his hand on my shoulder pushing me onto my back. He got on top of me putting his feet on top of mine, but instead if matching his hands to mine he grabbed my wrist. He brought both my hands above my head and used one hand to hold them there. -I lock my teeth together biting down hard. I could fell and hear my hart start to beat faster.-With his other hand he pushed my chin up so if I opened my eyes all I would see is the head board, but I didn’t want to open my eyes.
    “Shh. I’m not going to hurt you,” he said but I didn’t be leave him.
    I could feel his icy breath on my neck as his head got closer it. He licked my neck and I held my breath in till he stopped. I sighed with relief when I could no longer feel his tong on my neck.
    “Its okay, I’m not going to hurt you” he said again and I still didn’t believe him. But he added more to his statement “you’re not going to yell if I bite you okay?” he asked.
    I answered quick and simple, “no.” It was all I could get out.
    The hand on my chin brushed thro my hair and onto my mouth even thou I said I wouldn’t yell. “Good girl” he said and bite me harder then he did earlier. After a moment and he didn’t let go I figured he wasn’t going to. I stared thrashing under him trying to get him off me. He grabbed my wrists tighter and put all his body weight on me. I tried to turn my head but the hand on my mouth held it still. I kept trying to get him to stop but I couldn’t. I gave up under him I was no mach. I wasn’t much of a threat anyway.
    He pulled his teeth out “Would you stop it?” he hissed. “I would all be over it you just kept still.” After that his teeth went back into my neck.
    The door opened again but this time it was Josh. “Matthew I swear if I have to rip you off of her you wont see the light of another day” he hissed at him.
    Matthew didn’t move form my neck.
    Josh steeped closer, “Matthew.” His voice was sharp and strong.
    Matthew let go again. But he didn’t say anything. He was breathing really deep.
    I opened my eyes and looked at him as he started to get off me. His lips and a circle around his mouth were covered in blood. My blood. His eyes where bright red and they glowed in the darkness of the room, I wished I didn’t look.
    Matthew walked out of the room.
    Josh walked to the bed and helped me sit up “are you okay?” he asked as he looked at my face and then my neck.
    I didn’t answer him. I looked at his eyes witch seemed to pulse red at the sigh of my blood covered neck.
    He put his hand on the side of my face “just one second,” he said at he leaned his head down to my neck. He licked some of the blood off my neck.
    I started breathing fast in till he brought his head back up to mine. I couldn’t bring my self to say anything.
    “Sorry, I couldn’t help it” he grabbed my hand “wow your shaking really badly” he said as I looked down at my hands. I didn’t even notice I was shaking.
    But I still didn’t say anything.
    He smiled “you should get some rest you had an exciting night now get some sleep” he said as he laid me back in the bed.
    I didn’t close my eyes I just blinked and looked at him “how come I didn’t pass out like last time?” I asked him.
    “The blood that got the poison in it was sucked back out.” He said walking torts the door. “Now go to bed.” He walked out and shut the door behind him.
    I tossed and turned trying to get conferrable in the bed. I put my face in the pillow and fell asleep before I could toss some more.
    I stated shaking again. But this time some one was shaking me. I gowned trying to tell them to stop.
    “I thought you where dead,” Josh said laughing as the shaking stopped. “Now come on we’re waiting for you,” he said as I opened my eyes to look at him.
    I was going to ask him who the “we” was but I remembered that Rachael and Dan and the fair girl where coming over in the morning. “How long have they been here?” I asked as I got up.
    He tossed some cloths to me “Here you can put these on and I told them not to come because of the ‘incident’ that happened last night. Now put those on and meat me in the kitchen” he said then walked out the door.
    I changed and ran my fingers thro my hair a few times. I walked down the stairs to the kitchen. There was a plate of food on the table. I sat down at the table and looked at Josh “where’s Matthew?” I asked as I started eating.
    “He left last minuet and I have to leave too” he said as I ate the food on the plate with out even looking to see what it was.
    “Why?” I asked but with out answering he left the room ant then the house. I sighed as a got up. Walking around his house I realized that there wasn’t much to do here. I walked down to the colorful room and notice a door I didn’t see last night. I didn’t bother to knock as I opened the door.
    Inside were shelves that reached to the ceiling filled with books. There might have been a desk under more books that lay on and around it. The same applied for the cough. Well that’s what I thought it was anyway. I walked around piles of books to get to the cough. I set all the books in another pile and lay on it. I picked up a book. It was dark brown leather with no words or numbers on it anywhere. I opened it just to make sure there where words on the inside. There where. But it was a thick as my hand was long from wrist to finger tips. It would take a week to read at my slow reading pace. All the books in this place would take a week to read, at the least. I didn’t bother reading it so I flipped thro the pages to see if there where any pitches in it like a text book. But there wasn’t.
    The door opened and Matthew stepped in. apparently there was a chare under another stack of books. He mover the books away and sat in it looking at me. “Did you read that?” He asked.
    I smiled “no it would take me a week to read the whole thing.”
    “That book is magic so if it would take you a week it would only take you a day or two.”
    “How many of these book have you read?” I asked looking around at the books on the walls and all over the floor.
    “About five hundred give or take.”
    I laughed “only five hundred out of… I don’t know five thousand” I guessed the number of all the books in the room.
    “Yah there are a lot in here I don’t know how many, but I think your guess is pretty close.” I was going to answer but before I could he started speaking again, “you know I find that kind of offensive.”
    I had no idea what he was talking about. “What?” I asked
    “You holding your neck like that” he said looking at my neck.
    I wasn’t aware of my hand on my neck, but it was there. I made it let go and draped it off the cough, just letting it hang. “Sorry, I didn’t know it was there. How long was it there?” I asked him.
    “When I sat down you rubbed your neck and it grabbed your neck.”
    “You can’t let your arm hang there.”
    “Your cutting off the circulation… and it smells good.”
    I put my arm on the cough. “Is that better?”
    “Yah thanks. Actually I was wondering if I could bite you.”
    “It’s the middle of the morning and I don’t want to go to pass out” That got me thinking, “how come last night I didn’t pass out?” I asked.
    “The poison that was put into you I uh took back out” he said looking down.
    I could tell he didn’t like the subject. But I had an idea. “Do you have a pocket knife?” I asked him.
    He looked at me curiously, “Yah hold on.” He walked out and then a minute later he walked back in. “Catch,” then he tossed it across the room to me.
    I caught it not really paying any attention to what it looked like. I flipped it open and looked at the blade. I cut my finger a few inches. It stung for a moment but not badly. I looked up as blood started to fill in the cut.
    He looked at my finger eyes glowing red. He opened his mouth a little showing his fangs and he licked the back of one. “What are you doing?” he asked hesitantly.
    “You get the blood and I don’t have to pass out,” I explanted as I stood up and walked over to him. He still looked a little puzzled. I put the finger I cut in his mouth.
    He seemed to under stand it now. His teeth locked with my finger around them. He didn’t seem to mind not biting and just getting the blood. It was like cheating on but this time every one was okay with it.
    After a moment he let go with his teeth and pulled my finger out with his hand. He looked at my hand then at me. He looked curious form a moment then shook his head. He let go of my hand and I let it fall to my side as he walked out of the room not saying a word. He shut the door behind him. But walked back in as soon as he shut it, he stood next to me again, like he never moved.
    I looked at him like he was crazy, it was possible.
    “Thank you,” he said as he walked over to the cough as sat at one end. “I am really sorry about last night, I was acting really stupid.”
    I walked over to the cough and sat at the other end turning to him. “Its okay, I probably shouldn’t have come here anyways.”
    “No you’re pretty cool I am glad you came, your just really addicting to me.”
    I wasn’t sure if it was a complement or not, “thanks… I think.”
    He smiled and laughed lightly “your welcome, well Josh is back so I get to leave now. Later.” He got up and left the room and soon the house just as Josh did, with out telling me where he was going.
    I sat on the cough for a minute or two by me self be for the door opened yet again. This time it was Josh.
    He walked in and sat on the cough next to me. “I think I need to take you home now, your dad is probably wondering if your okay.”
    I sighed, he was probably right, dad would be wondering where I have been. “Alright let’s go.” I said as we stood up and walked over to the door.
    We walked out of the house and I noticed that his teeth where longer then normal. Every chance I got I was looking at them. Finally he noticed me looking at him differently.
    “Is something wrong?” he asked.
    When he talked I was more focused on what was saying it then what was being said. His words where mumbles as his mouth moved, I kept staring at his fangs.
    He put his hand over his mouth witch caught my attention. “Is there something wrong with my teeth?” he asked as if he didn’t notice.
    “There sharper then I would have thought” I thought out loud.
    His hand fell back to his side, “oh that’s all.” He opened his mouth wide so I could see.
    I reached my hand up to touch them.
    His hand grabbed my wrist be for I could touch them. “You where going to touch them?” he asked as he looked at me curiously.