• Imagine this. A dying star in the solar system. Without warning it gives a loud bang and turns to supernova. Its luminosity and hotness is billion times greater than our sun. It could turn you to ashes in a second. It dies out creating a black hole, an object with a gravitational force so strong even light can’t escape. It devours anything on its path in a very fast pace, nothing can stop it.

    This is how I am when my angry. My ill-temperedness just starts without warning but even I can’t control the things that would happen after I explode at times.

    Like a dying star my patience gradually decreases. Once I’m full I blow up like a supernova, releasing all my anger to that person who started it. I’d nag and babble, nothing vulgar though, until my anger subsides. Then comes the after shock, the black hole. This happens usually at home or to the simplest yet irritating problem that come my way. I tend to dart my remaining annoyance to simple problems or innocent people. Consciously or unconsciously I make the people around me upset.

    It’s as if I’m releasing painful things that I’m keeping in me. It’s as if I want to heal my pride or avenge myself from the injustice I’ve received. It’s like, in order to fill the feeling or the empty space I’ve been keeping in me, the things that made the black hole inside me, I make others feel bad and miserable .I’d suck all the cheerfulness that the have in them. Where did these feelings come from? Probably at home. It could be due to my family and their attitude. It may also be due to the people I’ve been with.

    Unlike the black hole though I can still cure myself. I just need to stretch my patience and understand people more.