• Global warming: a thing that we cannot deny, disprove, or ignore. It’s not coming, it’s here, and we are the cause. We need to take a stand against it. People have started global warming with their factories, aerosol products, and automobiles. The average person emits 5.02 tons of CO2 a year with their automobile alone. That’s 20 pounds a day, and multiplying that by the entire American population, that’s about 8 billion pounds of carbon being emitted per day. But imagine if every single one of these people had their car replaced with a more fuel efficient one. Their carbon footprint would shrink, and this would slow down the rate of our planet’s temperature increase. I believe that the government should make a plan for all cars with high carbon emissions to be switched with more fuel efficient ones. It would lessen the average person’s CO2 emissions and put us on a path to ending global warming.
    Some people may criticize this idea, saying that it would cost too much money, use up too much time, and that it’s too late to stop global warming anyways. I object to all of those statements. The government is spending a lot of money on the war in Iraq, but I believe that with the upcoming presidential election, the war in Iraq will end very soon, leaving a large amount of funding available for this plan. It would not use up too much time because millions of Americans are jobless, and this plan to switch cars would create many jobs for these people to do. And it is not too late to stop global warming, but drastic measures must be taken. If people can make a few simple changes to their daily life, along with the government taking action with my plan, global warming, in fact, can be stopped.
    CO2 is one of the major causes of global warming. The gases from our cars rise into the sky, all the way up to the ozone layer. The gases are trapped there, which causes the greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effect is what causes heat to stay trapped in certain areas, such as greenhouses. In this case, it’s the Earth. That is why temperatures are increasing all around the globe.
    Less CO2 going up into our atmosphere could stop this process. If the government were to create a plan to take the cars of the American populace and trade them in for newer, more fuel efficient cars, this would be possible. The old cars’ metal could be recycled into new metal for new cars, and other old models could be modified. Electrical and hybrid cars are both common, fuel efficient options.
    I believe that if less CO2 was emitted by our cars, it would bring us one big step closer to ending global warming. I also personally suggest searching simple ways for you to do your part in ending this crisis. This is not the end, I tell you. We are going to fix this, and one day, our planet’s environment will be right again.