• 1-20 goth confessions

    1. Black is one of my favorite colors.
    2. I think that the bats were so cute.
    3. I own a pair of military boots.
    4. I made my own jewerally.
    5. I thought spiders were beautiful creatures.
    6. I enjoying watching batman movies.
    7. I actually have a rook pierced.
    8. I have been wide awake of getting my wisdom teeth pulled.
    9. I'm not afraid of getting stiches on my foot in 2005.
    10. I think black cats were nice and adorable.
    11. I actually do enjoying the night.
    12. I had more engery during at night.
    13. I actually play with little spiders.
    14. I have tried crickets.
    15. I counted 172 bats one summer.
    16. I enjoyed watching Tim Burton movies.
    17. I actually see beauty in gothic buildings.
    18. I enjoyed pipe organ.
    19. I wear silver jewelry
    20. I love fall and winter,