• ok, not all of u who read this so if u would please read on.

    never let go. a friend who never lets go is a true friend so if U really care u will never let go of that friend either. never ever, ever dis a great friend even if they did something really horrible. if it even seems u may never forgive them u know u will. all my friends are kind hearted & care for me. if u r ever dissed or hurt by a friend. that is no friend. a friend is a person who is always there for u & will always help u in times of need. whenever u see someone being dissed or called ugly names even if u don't know them, stand up & help. that is the type of thing that shows u r a considerate & care for the kind hearted people, not the cruel & evil kind. on my friends list there r many, many people who i care for & who care back for me. take my best friend in Gaia, nobalsky & my best friend in real life boomboomariana, they are always there for me in times of need & when i can i try to help them in return. when u see a good deed like someone helping a person in need think to yourself "that's who i want to be" & try to help & u shall be loved all around the gaia world & real life. and in turn u will have a happy life & like in the commercial each time u do something great u make a new friend & if u keep making friends u will know everybody in the world! so live on my readers & make a great person of yourself!