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Highschool Secrets 7
Highschool Secrets chapter 7

"What the hell happened?" I spoke sharply, "Mason, Mason is what happened" she spoke back. I froze and asked through clenched teeth, "What did he do?" "You'll see" and she dragged me from the couch. "I'm driving" she whispered harshly. "Um, Okay" I answered, "Bye mom!" I called behind us before I shut the door. Alice practically ran to the car dragging me behind her with immense strength. When we were in the car and the doors closed she started speaking, "I have a secret that I need to tell you" she sighed, "I'm not human." My brain clicked alive at these words slowly eating the sentences she just spoke. "I'm a vampire." she kept talking with my mind quickly catching up. "Any powers or anything?" I teased then. "As a matter of fact yes, she spoke, "get out of the car" and I scrambled out falling on the ground in the process. I looked back at Alice and she was staring into the forest intently then I started to hear a snapping noise. I looked over at the forest to find a humongous tree starting to snap in half and when I looked back at Alice she was smiling then her head whipped towards me, "I can also read your mind." "And your amazingly not afraid of me" She spoke softly staring into my eyes. "That may be because I'm in love with you which causes my brain not to fear you" I answered. "That may be but if I showed you what else I can do you would probably run from me. now get in" and I climbed back into the car. Alice sped to the school smashing on the gas. When we reached the school I realized what Mason had done. He had burned down the school. Along with everything within 4 miles. "He was lucky nobody lives near the school" Alice spoke, "Quite lucky" I answered still stunned. "That's all I needed to show you." she then put in the silence. "How did you know?" I asked, "I read his mind earlier since he was smiling like a fool and all he was thinking was about the school. Also he was thinking of me" she shivered. I wrapped my arm around her and kissed her hair. "We better get home now" I whispered, "That would be a good idea" she answered before starting the ignition.

After awhile of driving we had to get gas so at the gas station after filling up we switched places and went back to the road. "so, do you have fangs?" I asked suddenly, "No just venom" she answered quietly. "Are your family vampires too?" "Yes." then I stopped talking to think till we got to the park.

this has been chapter 7 of Highschool Secrets

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