• As Raven watched over the kingdom from over the sky her wings spread out wide under she notices something over the castle wall... Once she realized what it was she quickly turned and rushed over to the bell tower soring through air until she was caught by one of the attackers above throwing some kind of dust onto her as it happens she becomes drowsy slowing down until she makes it to the edge of the bell tower holding on with was strength she had left the rest of the attackers go around the sky spreading the same dust around meanwhile Monoa had noticed Raven on the edge rushing over just in time to catch Raven's hand and lift her up they saw what was happening and carried Raven going towards the bell and ringing it profusely to alert the kingdom of the situation at hand she yelled ''COME ON COME ON EVERYONE WAKE UP PLEASE!!''.

    P.S this was just rewriting something that happened in a roleplay