• There was a time while I was still a trainee where I was given a question on how to deal with a certain type of conflict that's caused by the interest and dictatorial rule of a tyrant. The council member brought this to my attention after a long conference, I didn't know much about solving the problems of either side due to the lack of information except for the fact it's a civil war that's happening in another universe/multiverse. Although the fact that I'm being asked to be involved with problems happening at another reality, it still falls into the category of gaining intelligence and dealing with them if the situation calls for it.

    My curiosity however says that there is a way to solve whatever this civil war is about, I found myself traveling there where I somehow got head first into a battlefield that's already happening and being mistaken for rebel by the "evil" Tyrant's soldiers, and as to how the rebels describe my counter offensive as "efficient way of terrifying corrupt soldiers and having them flee", I ended up playing the rebel card even though my initial plan was to negotiate a ceasefire between the two,
    (my subconscious reaction towards hostile threat has a hard time figuring out the difference between what I want to do verses what can actually harm me but nvm about that) nevertheless I've had a way harder time trying to change an entire culture that worshiped a pebble. So the fact I've defended a critical district from falling into the "empire's" grasp, the rebels brought me in to help with their counter attack with other districts that's still under siege; there were some moments where I took point with zero "gung-ho" behavior than most of the younger rebels who seem to take inspiration from me.

    With my help, the empire lost and the rebels victorious, their first victory as I've found out; that raised my curiosity as the fact they lasted long enough before my arrival, they would've lost all hope, but now with me in the picture, a sign of hope grew in all of them. A few of the rebel leaders were skeptic or not impressed as they rule it as profound luck, but the head of the pact as well as their high ranking members saw me as a someone who can change the war entirely due to how well I handled myself in battle, including the tactics I used against the empire. Fair enough, training rebels the right way and giving them the basics in which they can grow upon on their own even while they fight against their enemies.

    All of them just wanted to do what they have to in order for a better future not only for them, but for their family and friends, the reason why they lack any military training is because the majority of them are just plain civilians who've had had enough and their leaders who've some being former law enforcement or retiree from the nation's military where the only ones who took up the torch, though not enough of them to train a militia of civilians which resulted in the battles they've lost prior to my appearance. Under my wing, I've managed to train several dozens of capable recruits; most of them were the ones I first encountered and volunteered when their leaders introduced me as someone who can help win the war. Among these trainees, the youngest of them sure is cheery for someone thrusted herself into a war she has no experience in, she had to get involved because her family is being held prisoners for being wrongfully accused of aiding rebel spies. Hoping that one day she gets to break her family out of prison and ensure their safety is the only reason she fights against the empire.

    Still a fantasy based war with guns, swords, and magic is a long stretch for a psychiatrist who've spent his entire time in an office talking with employees and leading an organized dimensional military. The challenge isn't training them, it's keeping them alive to fight another day that's the real challenge and my first impressions was almost a nightmare. But they showed promise after a couple of days. The only thing that's keeping the empire busy are the small skirmishes the rebels throw, they're doing much better though with my input and putting some of my recruits into these skirmishes and letting them lead is a good way to test them. Still the number of casualties says they have a long way to go before they're combat ready.

    They've got a long way to go.