• Sentient psychology has always been a plaguing thought in the Professor’s mind and she often wish she had more basic knowledge into grouping certain individuals into a genre of sort via observation since not a lot of people like the idea of being a “guinea pig.” Still at least she actually lives with me who happens to have a doctorate in psychology; although I mainly study in Behavioral Analysts and Psychiatry for the better half of my college life. Even though it’s a stepping point for the Professor and with my help, she can at least come up with a basic thesis on cognitive prediction, like knowing ones move even before they start it seconds before it happens. Telekinesis aside, applying actual science into a format where using observation on any individual is like putting yourself in their shoes. It doesn’t help that it’s basically labeling this as a Stalker’s Mimic, though the more you know about an individual the better you can understand them; not really though.

    The basic idea behind this is from our former employers and their belief that by observing other civilizations and/or other societies throughout the multiverse, they’d have a chance to counter any/or all threat from those observations and dealing with similar threats that might come in the near future, although they mainly just take out those who’ve already been studied as they’re too afraid to even have the reality that the subject might notice and retaliate. I’ve lost count on how many so-called simulations I’ve been in during my training course and my successors might’ve already eradicated countless dimensions in the name of the Collective and their gods; I even lost count on how old me and the Professor are.

    Furthermore, we’ve begun planning on how to proceed with this study and the Professor’s job is mainly to draft her step-by-step goal into what she’s looking for during this study to achieve the main goal, A Thesis on Preventive Conviction. The Professor is hoping that once she’s able to piece together a thesis on this, crime would drastically reduce to only 1% where individuals are either forced to or having no other choice but to serve sentencing, sounds like a movie plot except with zero tolerance on corruptive abuse over the system. Crime would basically become nothing more than a fantasy in fiction and law enforcement would be in less danger and be corrupt-less since the system would apply to them as well. An anime plot? Of course not, because any actions that involves harming someone else would be prevented even before they happened and human error wouldn’t occur at all.

    I’ve also come to conclude that once the Professor have finalized her thesis, this study can apply to any sentient life, extraterrestrial or supernatural alike.

    Still, further observation is required, we have yet to open the puzzle box.