• Chapter One: Symphony De Noir
    Pg. 6

    Carmine checks the containment door's integrity which is holding despite the loud metalic banging on the other side. Looking at CJ, Carmine moves the PAD stand close to him just to see how's he holding up; though calm as he is now, he's still pretty shaken up from the sight of inhuman fright and terror.

    "Hey CJ." Carmine tries to get his attention, with a mix of confusion and terror CJ looks at Carmine with a semi-attentive gaze.

    "Come on, we should work on finding a way out of here." Carmine tries her best to sound calm as she continues to try and keep CJ calm, "Those door's won't bust down even if a mob tries to blow it up with ordinary explosives, so we have plenty of time to find another way out." She finishes though CJ could only give her a nod as his only response.

    After picking Carmine up from the PAD stand, moving to the main terminal they searched through the chamber database for any schematics of the chamber.

    While they continue searching, the chamber's main screen lowers grabbing their attention, as it flickers on, a comm link is being established to the Main Building with Avi showing up on the screen.

    ["Ah I knew that strange signature must've caused the distruption there, listen you guys got... something tells me you've met your hosts."] Avi takes a good look at CJ's posture and Carmine's breathing and nods.

    Looking at each other CJ passes a video feed of the feral creatures outside the chamber containment door, with a surprised look on his face, Avi clears his throat as he tries to get a better look at the image. [The J2-32 strand?] he noted softly though CJ and Carmine didn't pick up on what he said but told them it's nothing he's seen before.

    ["Well we'll have to deal with them later, the two of you should use the coolant vents to get out. It should be located in the maintenance shaft below the hadron sphere.] Avi said before CJ stopped him.

    "We need to talk about what's inside the hadron sphere as well, once we get out." CJ finishes as Avi nods ending the comm link so that they can escape from the chamber.

    Finding the door for the maintenance shaft and with Carmine in his coat pocket, they found a hatch that opens up into the vent system.

    "Didn't thought things would end up like this." Carmine commented as CJ only kept quiet.

    Crawling through the hatch and engaging the lock behind him, CJ moves through the vent following the emergency path lit up by blinking LED lights. "I was only hired to do maintenance work for the eastern region of the facility, I didn't sign up to get chased after a mob of freaks or to get frozen for a long time just to walk up as the only human." he quietly swears at himself.

    "Even if it feels like watching a scary video on the internet or playing a game. I regret not closing my screen, though someone has to share your fear." Carmine tells a light joke which gets a short chuckle from CJ as she smiles.

    "Well even if you're behind your own computer screen in VR and looking at my world. I ain't up for dying by those things and if I die... you'll be erased..." CJ stops himself from continuing as both him and Carmine begins to feel anxiety lurking behind them.

    CJ continues to crawl through the vent before looking though an outlet as he remains quiet while continuing on at a quiet pace.

    "This is not fun at all." Carmine noted quietly as she sinks into her seat.

    "Guess we're on the same boat this time." CJ tried to joke about their situation with a slight success with Carmine nervously giggling quietly.

    After reaching a safe location, CJ went to look for a terminal to establish a comm link with Main Building and was able to get through.

    ["I should change the tag for that. Instead of just typing Main Building we should just type MB or maybe Station Central just to be fancy since home world wouldn't mind once we're able to get in touch with them."] Avi cleared his throat.

    Not sure on how to react to Avi's banter, CJ gathers his thoughts before speaking. "Well before I'd like to talk about what's going on now, I'd like to know about the situation with our knightly visitor outside the gates." He paused.

    ["Ah well let's just say I gave her a temporary access inside but told her to stay put which she didn't after seeing the scarabs coming up to escort her to MB."] Avi sighed crossing his arms looking away from the screen. ["She's somewhere in the facility now and our hunters can't find her after that incident. Although it's strange how these guys have energy based weapons in the first place."]

    "What are you talking about?" CJ inquired when Avi mentioned the weapon the knight had.

    Pulling up a recording from the scarabsbefore it was slain, Avi plays the image slowly showing the knight becoming scared when the scarabs slowly approached, before the machines knew it, the knight unsheathed their sword as plasma slowly fills the blade and moments after that both scarabs were sliced up as the knight began running inside.

    ["I closed the gate after that okay, I'm not obsolete or old."] Avi stated.

    "Magic and technology huh... sounds like something out of a fantasy novel" CJ commented, looking at Carmine; she didn't had anything to say.

    Avi cleared his throat to get their attention, ["At least this time it ain't a Star Wars movie."]