• [Opening log entry 05-12-2076]

    It's a strange occurance for 12's condition even though his health isn't affected in any way nor

    does it affect his mental health. Well i'd like the last part to be true but as of now after two

    weeks of evolution he's convinced himself that he's utterly mad as a court jester, almost as

    insane as the Joker from DC comics, despite 12's view of his sanity; his evolution gave his

    existence a strong grip on everything, time, space, physical, mental, everything around us can

    be shaped by his will. He and the rest of the 2nd generation, including myself, knows ever

    since his Evo. surfaced; I'm just glad he isn't the type to end everything or to play God and do

    whatever he wants with his power.

    Like the rest of the 2nd gen. who has their freedom to go where ever they choose, the

    majority of them choose to go into a normal life, putting a limit on their use of their newborn

    powers, 12 is one of the four who stayed with me and most of the time he spend during the

    day is taking care of the lab animals and most of the time is where he acts like a clown; his

    antics are funny though.

    Though bringing the 12 and the other three out into town to dine out or go shopping just make

    us all look like good friends and we sometimes get into conversations with people who

    wanted to chat with us including some students from the high school here.

    Observation on 12's interractions between me and the other three who stays with me is

    slightly different than with everyone else we meet.

    It's strange though, whenever it's just me and the others, we don't get as much interactions

    we get plenty when he comes with us, so i'm wondering if he subconsciously gets people to

    chat with us or rather with him. I may be responsible for his tests but even i can't predict what

    each of their Evo's give them, all i can do is observe them and study their behavior without the cage.

    It is dangerous but i'm not studying them; I'm studying the people who interracts with them or sees them.

    I'll just have to wait and see.