• ~Fear~

    I have to keep running. I don't recall why, but i can't stop, that would be bad.
    As i race through the brush and propel myself over fallen trees and branches, i dare to glance back. It's close, they're close. I can't stop; i can't let them catch me.

    But who are they? And why am i running? Better yet, who the hell am I...

    "Oh well, I can worry about all that later", I tell myself as I feel my pace slow. Picking up speed once more, I prepare to hurtle myself over a felled tree up ahead, saddened by its unnatural death. Such a waste of life the thought startles me, it's mine, but not mine. Something's wrong.

    I place my hands upon the ashen bark of the tree and use my momentum to propel my lithe frame over it and into the forest beyond. I must have been running for several miles, but I was barely breathing hard. Somewhere in the back of my head I knew that this shouldn't be possible, but it was the truth, I could feel it in my bones. My inhuman stamina began to fade at the thought. I could feel them gaining on me, though I still had no idea who /they/ were.

    My foot caught on a large root peeking above the soil and coiling nearby like a waiting snake. As my weight shifted forward and my ankle twisted at an unnatural angle, I heard a sickening crack accompanied by blazing pain climbing up my leg.

    "No! I have to keep going," I told myself, "I've come too far!" I begin to slowly, agonizingly drag myself upright when i hear another sickening sound, the slurp of bone ripping through flesh, accompanied by a new wave of brutal agony. I look down to see pieces of what I can only assume were once the bones of my ankle protruding from the delicate flesh. I'm entranced by the site, unable to look away though I know I can't afford to remain where I am.

    The snap of branches nearby jolts me out of my trance. My heart begins thundering in my chest, the sound of my pulse in my ears deafening. I'm afraid, no, terrified, of whatever's coming and I don't even know why. I close my eyes and pray to any god or goddess who's willing to listen.

    I hear a growling nearby and open my eyes to glistening fangs not inches from my face. The jaw opens and, as if in slow motion, descends upon my frightened body as I screech in terror. They close around my throat and...

    Beep beep beep.
    Uhg, i reach over and grab the alarm, throwing it against the wall when that fails to silence it.
    My heart is pounding and my hands are sweaty. I feel like I've just run a marathon. Must've been another nightmare. Wish I could remember what they were about.

    "Kristina!" I hear Maia call from downstairs, "Would you get up already before you're late to school again?!"

    "Oh, crap," I shout as I look at the time. Five minutes to get ready or I'm going to be late. Again...