• Once upon a time in a land which was very far away of our land there lived a princess.
    When she was a little girl, her father gave her a golden ball.
    Since then, this golden ball she always took with her wherever she went.
    One day she went swimming in a lake near the castle and took the ball with her in the water.
    After some time, she realized that she had lost the ball.
    So she dived down to the ground for many times to look for it, but it was very dark under water so she could not see anything.
    After she had been swimming many rounds across the lake, she got really exhausted and started to cry.
    Suddenly she saw a little creature coming closer to her.
    When it had nearly reached her, she could see that it was a frog.
    When the frog asked her why she had been crying, she first was really surprised to hear the frog speaking.
    But then she answered and told him that she had lost her ball and asked him to help her getting it back again.
    After she had told him her problem, the frog offered her his help.
    He immediately dived under water and after some time he came up to the surface again and handed her the golden ball.
    Then she walked out of the water and sat down on the ground, the frog hopped next to her and she asked him, where he had found it.
    He said that it mus have had fallen out of her pocket and to the ground of the lake.
    Then the frog asked the girl what she would give him as a reward and told her to kiss him.
    After the girl had done that, the frog turned into a man and asked her to marry him.
    But before she could answer, she woke up and realized that she had been asleep and everything was just a dream.