• Dust. Complete destruction and dust was all I could see for miles. The land covered with traces of war and shattered memory - I seemed to be the only person there.

    "Is anybody there?" I called out, my soft voice shaking nervously. No one reached for my fragile voice - not that I wanted them to...a hand that could reach out could suffocate me completely. Suffocation in that moment was only an escape. Suffocation was letting myself down, and anybody else I knew. The people I knew - how innocent they were. I simply couldn't afford to let anybody down. A lot of the things in my past were my fault. Now I had to make up for my idiotic mistakes.

    I stood, my unconfident, yellow eyes glancing all around the place. One small house seemed to be a ways away - would I dare walk up to it? I shook my head, trying to keep myself, my being, my spirit - away from that mysterious house. I could hear my breath telling me not to go...and even so, I slowly forced myself to move. This little house was my only shelter. What if there was life in that house? I could only hope that life would greet me with a friendly smile. However, hope wouldn't get me anywhere - and it probably never would.

    I stopped walking when I finally came to that little house. I could hear noise inside of the small house. It looked as if the house had only one room. Why did I go in there, I'll never know. I will always regret going in that house. That one event screwed up the entire timeline and my life. It screwed up countless innocent lives, set fire to broken imagination. The event of walking in that house would never be undone - that was impossible. The event of letting myself become weak could never be turned back.

    "Come out...come out...where ever you are!" I yelled out.

    Thoughts came to me. Thoughts of somebody else.

    What a stupid person...letting themselves show so easily...

    The friendly smile was what remained to be seen. The welcoming laugh was what failed to show itself. Instead, a chaotic insult took its place. A taunting snarl filled that void.

    "Show yourself!" I yelled, feeling more power with each word.

    When that chaos stepped out of the house, the power vanished.
    Along with it, all of my future.

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