• Eva had the same two dreams that night. First she dreamed about the little girl with the flame red hair.

    Eva saw the little girl with the flame red hair walking toward her. The little girl got close to her and pointed at something behind Eva. This time Eva didn’t try comfort the child. She just turned and looked behind her. As she turned she saw shadowed figures standing there. She couldn’t tell who they where.

    Then after that the one she dreamed about the full length mirror.

    She was standing in front of a full length mirror. It was an old mirror. Its backing was cracked and faded. Her image was distorted. But she still shone like a light through the darkness. Then when she looked down at where her heart was on the mirror. A hole was punched through the mirror and crakes speared like spider webs across the mirror. Then the mirror started to fall apart piece by piece. The pieces fell to the ground.

    She woke the next morning in a cold a sweat and her heart racing. She looked over at her pet tarantula Fuzzy Legs. ”Why do I have to be so wired?” She asked Fuzzy Legs. Of course the spider didn’t answer. “As if it isn’t bad enough I don’t have a dad and my first love dumped me for a cheerleader. Now my dreams are entering my waking life. Who is that girl?” She got up and went to the spider’s cage. She picked Fuzzy Legs. She looked at the spider in her hands. “Do you have my answers?” she asked the spider. Fuzzy Legs just sat in her hand

    Eva sighed as she put Fuzzy Legs back in her cage, “oh well. I think I am going to stay home today.” She picked up her cell and turned it off.

    Eva spent the rest if the day at home. Her mom had left early that morning and wouldn’t be back till late that night. She didn’t do anything just zoned out in front of the T.V. and ate a bunch of snacks.

    Her mom got home around midnight. She was drunk. Eva helped her mom get into her bed. As she was helping her mother to lay down she called out. “You bitchhhhhh! If it weren’t yoooou! My husbannnn woooooould still be here with me!” then her mother passed out.

    Eva sighed she never knew who her mother was yelling at when she got like this. So she usually never let it bother her but tonight it cut her like a knife and she didn’t know why. She got her mother comfortable.

    As she was lying in her bed she started into the darkness that sat above her like a black clothe. “Could mother be yelling at me?” she asked the darkness. Her father left the family right after her third birthday and he had never came back. She was so young that she couldn’t remember what he looked like and after he left her mother gotten rid of any pictures that had her father in them.

    She remembered one night when she was three. It had been a week since her father had left. She had woken up because she had smelled smoke. She had jumped out of bed and ran down the stairs and had found her mother sitting in front of the stove. There was a big pot and it had flames coming out of it. On the floor there were pieces of picture frames and then her mother had started to weep.

    Shortly after that her mother had changed their last names back to her maiden name. So she had no photos of her dad so she couldn’t tell what he look like. Her mother had also cut all contact with them. So she couldn’t find her fathers family because she didn’t know their family name or where they where from.

    With these thoughts running through she fell asleep. That night she dreamed about her mother and father. They where fighting abut something or someone.

    She woke up and looked around the room. She couldn’t see anything that should have woken her up. Then she heard a muffled crash coming from down stairs. She got up and creped down the stairs.

    She stopped half way down the steps and peeked through the railing. She saw her mother sitting at the dining room table. She was crying. She couldn’t see her dad he was out of her line of sight but she could hear him just fine.

    “It’s your fault our family is falling apart,” Her father yelled. “You’re the one who slept with another man!” There was the sound of glass breaking.

    “I said I was sorry. I made a mistake.” Her mother cried as she grabbed his hand.

    He pulled his hand from her. Then he yelled, “I can’t ever forgive you. And why did you tell me now?”

    “Because there is a chance that Eva might not be yours. And I wanted you to know.” Her mother wailed at her father as she threw her self as his feet.

    “I want a test so I can know for sure,” Her father sounded like his heart had just been pulled out and stomped on right in front of him.

    Eva woke up her heart and mind racing. Had that been a memory? She looked at the clock it read 1:30am. Seeing this, her body took over and she slipped back into sleep. She had the two dreams again right before she got up.