• Gunners #9 Onwards Lillium
    The Ten Evil Blades

    Ow ow ow!

    Hakuru: that’s my boob….

    Yamota: sorry, but those tits are pretty distracting me.

    Hakuru: they’re just normal

    Yamota: no they’re big.

    Hakuru: normal!


    Yamota: sorry.

    Kikio: ah…. Damn….

    Hakuru: ow my head hurts…

    Kikio: Sakumi why did you had to hit Hakuru-san in the head like that?

    Sakumi: I was pissed come on, she kept slicing my torso.

    Yamota: what was your problem anyway?

    Hakuru: don’t worry Yamota, better not talk about it, alright consider this as a draw.

    Sakumi: I hate draws!

    Hakuru: come on, you already defeated me once! Get over with it!

    Sakumi: oh ******** you!

    Hakuru: ******** you!

    Sakumi: you defeated me two times!

    Hakuru: so!

    Sakumi: ******** you!

    Hakuru: ******** you!

    Sakumi: damn I’m so gonna stab you in there!

    Hakuru: where?

    Sakumi: THERE!

    Hakuru: what? Yamota translate that?

    Yamota: uh… she means your v****a.

    Hakuru: you mean there? I don’t even know what’s it for.

    Sakumi: god! Four years! And you don’t know anything about your body! Dumbass!

    Hakuru: shut up!

    Sakumi: ah! Man I can’t play now.

    Hakuru: I can’t play my guitar, damn it Sakumi….

    Sakumi: ah…

    V: beer?

    Hakuru: yeah…

    Lilly: well I guess three is down then.

    Hakuru: Yamota when we get home, teach me about sex.

    Yamota: your ready to get down?

    Hakuru: I just wanna know what the hell it is before I DO it!

    Yamota: alright then.

    Sakumi: s**t I don’t even wanna have sex.

    Kikio: man and no poker today.

    V: well have fun.

    Yamota: huh? Where you going?

    V: to visit an old friend.

    Yamota: old friend?

    She shuts the door and jumps off.

    In the middle under some bridge V slides down the hill and visits her friends grave.

    V: hey whats up Reiko.

    Long time hasn’t it?

    V: sorry I haven’t visited for awhile, its just you know, stuff, saving people and all. How you been? Pretty good? Heh, got ourselves some beer.

    She sits down and drinks. But then Asuka came.

    V: Asuka?

    Asuka: …

    V: come sit.

    Asuka: uhm.

    V: drink, here’s to my good friend Reiko!

    Asuka: Reiko?

    V: good friend of mine, you haven’t met her yet, don’t worry.

    Asuka: can you tell me?

    V: sure.

    Long time ago when I first came to this world, I met a human named Reiko. She was nice. She didn’t care if I was a demon or not.

    Man, she letted me to eat her cake.

    She was the nicest person I could ever hope for.

    I had this weird feeling though it was weird.


    Asuka: huh?

    V: ah don’t worry.

    Asuka: how did she die?

    V: ….. uh..

    Asuka: its okay if you don’t want to talk about it, its alright. I know how you feel…

    V: hm.

    Asuka, sometimes you remind me of her.

    Asuka: ..ah.

    V: here have a beer.

    Asuka: thanks.

    V: cheers.

    To Reiko and The Skull Gunners.

    I’ve found the demon, what shall we do?

    Wait for reinforcments but first, get the zombie girl.


    Asuka: you reckon those two will be alright?

    V: yeah don’t worry about it, still. Its hard to believe they’ve actually gotten the final form, hell I thought one of they’re forms are the final ones but I guess that’s it. The final energy.

    Asuka: didn’t I heard Hakuru has Goddess’s powers?

    V: yeah she does, but I think she mixed it with her Evil Energy.

    Asuka: what do you mean?

    V: meaning she just created a powerful more being energy on the planet.


    Asuka: I guess no one can beat Hakuru.

    V: maybe, but I’m still curious about the The Ten Evil Blades, who the hell was the tenth member before? Why Hakuru?

    Asuka: guess we all need to wait and find out

    V: yeah…..

    Asuka: well ready to go home?

    V: yeah lets go.

    As they got up they left back home but heard something.

    V: …..



    V: Blood Crusader!


    V: ……

    One other man came behind Asuka but then she got out her chain saw and sliced his body in half.

    V: huh? That symbol.


    Man: you shall be the sacrifice for the lord himself.

    V: haven’t seen you guys for awhile. What you guys been doing? Sacrificing virgins for power?

    Man: hmph, we’ve been looking for you. And that girl.

    V: sorry but I’m not the type to be sacrificed nor is she.

    Man: last chance.

    V: Blood Crusader!


    Man: AH!


    Man: Shield Replica!

    Asuka: ahhhhhh!!!!!

    Man:A what?!

    She broke my shield?!


    Man: AH!

    V: nice clean cut.

    Asuka: thank you.

    Man: ah…. If we sacrifice a new virgin, I’m sure the dark lord will ressurrect Reiko!

    V: …. Hey, who the ******** said you could say her name?


    Asuka: Reiko…?

    V: Reiko was just a human being, sacrificed as a virgin, I failed to save her.

    I’ve always failed to save the innocent humans back in the past, I won’t fail. I won’t.

    Asuka: how long have you been trying to save people from Satanism?

    V: for a very long time.

    Asuka use my gun.

    Asuka: huh?

    V: Yukina made that for me last year, it’s a good gun, it will fire a huge blast.

    Came in handy, I got the other gun, I call it the RV Gun.

    V: it will charge at a full radias so be careful with it, fires a huge beam.

    Asuka: where are we going?

    V: we’re going to the Satanism, we’re paying them a visit.

    Asuka: but how do we-

    V: easy, I know every place there is and where they’re hiding.

    Besides, police can’t even look for them, so I’m the only one that knows where to find em, Asuka we’re going on an adventure.

    Asuka: an adventure?

    V: yeah! Besides over there you can eat as much meat as you want, lets go!

    Asuka: sounds like my dinner plan.


    As they head home they took Yamota’s keys and got on the car.

    V: alright, lets see…

    Asuka: you sure know how to drive?

    V: yeah of course I do.

    Alright here we go!


    Asuka: TOO FAST!

    V: hey Asuka see if my blade is back there?

    Asuka: blade?

    A normal steel katana.

    Asuka: but this is a-

    V: its Reiko’s katana, its from her family, it was before her whole family were all killed by the Satanism Organization, she intrusted me that sword.

    Asuka: it looks out of shape but half of it hasn’t been damaged.

    V: yeah

    I used to use it too much, weird huh?

    Asuka: tell me more about Reiko.

    V: well, when she first took me into her home I thought I had a family again, like my mother. She was the person I could ever care for and, she felt like she was my mother. Even her whole family accepted me who I was. It was great.

    But then suddenly the Satanism came and stole the whole family. They killed everyone, and Reiko was next.

    I failed to save her that time, I don’t know why she was chosen to be the sacrifice for the devil but hell man. It made me sick inside. Same goes with every sacrifice, usually the women always come in first. “sigh” wheres God when you need him?

    Asuka: have you destroyed these Satanisms before?

    V: yeah I have, they’re still located everywhere, but if I can find the one whos behind all of this, I’m gonna make sure that person will be dead for good.

    Asuka: so wheres the place at?

    V: well my eyes can see clearly now, they’re all over the glove, well pretty much I already destroyed half of they’re hide outs.

    They have one in Germany, Scandanavia, South America, Mexico, Russia and of course Japan. They’re still all over the place.

    Asuka: have you ever been sacrificed?

    V: no, a half demon can’t be sacrificed.

    Asuka: half demon?

    V: my dad was a human, my mother was a demon, I’m a half breed. Demons kept on hunting us down in Hell. Its so dark and damn creepy down there.

    Asuka: when did you arrive to Earth?

    V: twenty years ago. My mother figured out how to open up a portal to Earth. Thanks to my dad that is, once your in hell theres no way out, except for me and Hakuru.

    Asuka: I guess theres a lot that I don’t know about.

    V: well same here too actually, I have a lot of things I have to learn about to. That goes same to Hakuru and all of us.

    Besides who knows what will happen to this world now, since our hands are full with the Ten Evil Blades, Yukina is trying to figure out how to track they’re hide out.

    Asuka: whats with people with hide outs now?

    V: you got a point.

    Alright we’re here.

    Asuka: that was fast.

    V: Yamota does have a portal driver after all.

    Asuka: we were in a portal?

    V: you were in sub space for awhile so eyah we were…

    Asuka: O_O?

    V: pretty damn big, with buildings this big they usually call it the head building. Usually the leaders run the place. Well time to head in.

    Man: halt!

    V: halt this!


    Bang bang bang!


    V: Break!

    Man: what?!

    V: Asuka!

    Asuka: AH!!!!!

    Man: AHHH!!!!

    V: lets go.

    Asuka: okay!

    V: hm…. The door, seal huh?



    V: stupid door locks.

    Asuka: do they always do that?

    V: hmph, a simple Gunner can do it too, stupid idiots.

    People: FIRE!


    V: hmph, bullets don’t work against a demon.

    You okay Asuka?

    Asuka re-attachs her leg.

    Asuka: one peace.

    V: use your gun.

    Asuka: oh yeah right um… how do you..



    V: too much power, but nice.

    Asuka: oto much power?

    V: that gun charges a lot of power so it only charges ten minutes each.

    Asuka: oh okay.

    V: hm, the sacrifice should be underground, this top floor is just for decoration. There should be an elevator here, uh here it is.

    They went inside the elevator.

    Asuka: um V about Reiko uh, what happened after she died…?

    V: well, after she died, I started to kill every Satanism member the head building however one leader escaped. Hell I couldn’t see that persons face. Reiko’s last words were to live. Live to the fullest of your life. Never let any evil have they’re own way.

    Before its too late.

    What was it too late…?

    V: hm, been trying to find that answer for a very long time.

    Asuka: how did you manage to live in the world without her?

    V: became a mercenary, I had my cash, had my hotel, and kept on moving, I was also hunted down by other mercenaries too, including the Yakuza. Haha.

    But nothing beats Reiko’s family katana.

    Such a normal katana and such a firm blade.

    V: I kept this secret from you guys, except you Asuka. I wanted to show you my katana. The most precious thing dear to my heart, Reiko.

    Asuka: I see….

    V: well bottom floor.

    Asuka: where is it?

    V: down there.

    WAIT WAIT I DON’T… NO!!!!!!

    V: ******** sick. Well that’s one life we couldn’t save.

    Asuka: that’s terrible.

    V: yeah lets go and ruin they’re party, Asuka stay here for a minute I’m gonna go and plant some C4’s and free some girls.

    Asuka: right.

    V headed out and started planting C4’s.

    This head building is so complex now, its like a maze, if I can put my mind into it, I could make a face grid. Hm lets see, the cells should be nearby on my right. If I can plant C4’s on the weakest material walls. I could blow this place up in one place. after I plant the C4’s I can leave Asuka to take care of the girls while I blow the place up. But first I should find the leader before I blow this place up.

    Asuka: hm, hope V will be okay.

    :sniff” sniff”

    Asuka: huh?

    Whos there…?

    It starts to move fast.

    But then Asuka ignored it and went back watching.

    Asuka: whos that person in the cloak?

    She had green hair with a side fringe with red eyes, she had a black cloak on.

    Asuka: ….

    Suddenly something went up to Asuka.

    Asuka: AH!

    It jumped on her.

    It had white hair, black coat, with only short jeans and a red shirt. It acted like a wolf. But more like a dog.

    It had yellow eyes.

    Asuka: ah! Okay now! Get off me!

    Girl: ^^

    V: alright here you go.

    Girl: ah, how do we get out?

    V: theres an elevator, I’ll take you guys there come on, friend of mines gonna take you out of here.

    Asuka: ah come on come on!



    Asuka: ah… me?

    Women: Rid, get her here.

    Rid: gr….

    Asuka: ah.. get off already!

    V: Asuka I got them….

    Oh no… Rid?!

    Rid: ARF!

    V: you gotta be kidding me?! Rid and Estray is here?! Damn it!

    Asuka: whos Estray?

    V: no time! Get these girls out! I’ll take care of these two!

    Rid: AHHH!!!

    V: sorry Rid!


    She takes out a grenade launcerh


    V: take them up to the surface!

    Asuka: okay!

    V jump down to the ground as she left Rid sleeping.

    Estray: V.Lillium.

    V: hey Estray, long time no see, ready to die?

    Estray: hmph, you ruin the ceremony.

    V: well, that’s good after all I’m a party crasher right?

    Estray: hmph, if theres no more virigns here to sacrifice then I can just atleast use you….. after all, demons used to be sacrificed weren’t they?

    V: that was 1000 years ago Estray.

    Estray: hmph, 20 years ago was it? I planned that day for Reiko’s ceremony.

    V: you what?

    Estray: she wasn’t special or anything, she was just a mere human dog pawn just to be sacrificed.

    V: so… wait… those sacrifices were chosen by you?!

    Estray: yes, I am the real leader of the Satanism Organization, also, the 5th member of the Ten Evil Blades.

    V: damn you’ll pay!

    She took out her katana and slams it to Estray.

    Estray: Spike Shield!

    V: BREAK!

    Estray: that won’t work on me V, this time you’l ldie in this place, and shall be sacrifice to the Lord himself.

    V: Reiko might be nothing to you but she was special to me!

    This time you’ll pay!

    She held her katana firmly and goes up to Estray.

    Estray: destroy her!


    She sliced, swang, spun and tornadoes they’re attacks. She cuts her way through with anger.

    V: Estray! I won’t let you escape!

    Estray: Ultimate Crusader!

    V: Blood Crusader!


    Estray: surround her!

    V: Cross Blade!

    She sends out massive slashs and kills them all.

    Estray: I see you still got the skills.

    V: and I see your still the same b***h!

    Estray: watch your mouth!

    Spear Slash!

    V: Crusader Blade!


    Asuka: wait here.

    Girl: where are you going?

    Asuka: to save my friend.



    Estray: Triggur Damnation!

    V: oh s**t!

    Flame Shield!

    Estray: BREAK!


    V: ah…

    Estray: this shall be your grave!

    Asuka: oh no it won’t.

    Estray: who are you?

    Asuka: I’m her friend.

    Estray: what? A dead person? Ha! Like a zombie be friends with a demon!

    Well, since you’re here I’ll kill you too!

    Asuka: never!

    Raging Chains!

    Estray: Crystal Shred!

    Asuka: ah!

    She twists and dodges as she gets close up to her.

    Estray: (a zombie can do this?! Damn!)

    Asuka: Long Sword!

    She makes her chain saw longer.


    She spins the chains and shreds everything that Estray throws at her.

    Then suddenly she disappears.

    Estray: where did she go?!

    Asuka was above her and used her gun to shoot at Estray.

    Estray: heh!



    Estray: like that will-

    Asuka cuts through as well.

    Estray: ah!


    Esrtay: what?!

    V: AHHHHH!!!!!


    Estray: like that will ever happen…. I don’t die….




    Her chainsaw fired a big gun.


    V: you can actually fire a gun with a chainsaw?

    Asuka: Yukina created it for me.

    V: wow, she does come up with the good ideas.

    Well lets blow this place up.


    Estray: haha…. Guess like you killed a clone.

    Asuka: huh?!

    Estray: both ofu s are clones, sorry but the real ones aren’t here.

    V: DAMN IT!

    Tell us where are they?!

    Estray: we’re just dolls. How can you get information from a doll? Haha…

    They suddenly fades away.

    V: ********!

    Asuka: we better get out of here!

    V: right!

    They got up on the elevator and starts heading up.


    V: man, I thought I had her. Although it was cool when you blast that chick in the face, I almost blew myself laughing.

    Asuka: I wasn’t really aiming for the head though.

    V: meh.

    Asuka: well atleast we send all the girls to they’re homes now.

    V: yeah, police are still investigating the incidents and that stuff that’s been going on, but its best that they give up, I wouldn’t want them to discover that Hell existed if they did that then the whole ******** planet will go crazy.

    Asuka: oh your sword.

    V: yeah, I’m gonna let that sword rest now, its time to put this sword back to its grave.

    To be continued.

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