• I was wearing the uniform, black and gray plaid skirt, black button down shirt, and black and gray plaid tie. We were supposed to wear black shoes, but I had on my black thigh-highs and black combat boots. All the teachers and the principal knew who we were, really. We were finishing up classes, just to fill you in, it was the third day of school since Daisuke and I entered. So far, I was a straight A student, and he was a straight C or D student...... "Alright, that finishes up todays classes. See you all tomarrow." the teacher said as the bell rang. I stood up, picking up my bag from behind my chair. As I walked, I noticed the guys were staring at me with hearts in their eyes. Before I could slid open the door, Daisuke opened it. "Uhhh..." I stuttered, I was kinda amazed because his classroom was in the floor below us and we got out at the same time. "You ready?" he asked. I blinked "Oh, um, sure." I said. Daisuke took hold of my hand. "Wait!" Uzura called. She was one of my classmates, she had short green hair and bright green eyes, she had glasses and wore the school uniform. "Yes?" I asked. "Um, well, this is your boyfriend?" she asked. Some other people either came over, or stopped talking to listen. "Yea. Why?" I asked. "Well, isn't he a year younger?" she asked. "What? I can't date an older woman?" Daisuke asked. "I'm sorry! That sounds so rude!" she said, flustered. "I-It's okay." I said, trying to reasure her. Daisuke glanced at all of the dudes staring at me. He grabbed my hand and intertwined our fingers. I looked up at him, he nodded his head to the door. "U-Um, Uzura? I'll see you tomarrow, okay?" I said. She looked up and smiled "Oh...okay!" she said and waved goodbye.
    Daisuke tugged me along to our dorm room. "What is it?" I asked. "Have you found out who will be targeted next?" he asked. I shook my head "Sorry, nothing here. Did you?" I asked. He sat on his bed that was on the otherside of the room from mine. "I think so, you know that kid with glasses who's always pushing it up trying to look smart?" he asked. "Yeah, what's his name? U-U-something." I said, trying to remember. "Usui." Daisuke said for me. "Yeah, that's it." I said. "I think they're going after him soon." he said. I nodded "Give me one of my mage books." I said as I turned and bended over as Daisuke turned toward the bookshelf. I needed to get some stuff in order to make a dark mage circle. When I made it, it would help me determine when and where Usui might be either killed or recruited. "Which book?" he asked. My head was in the closet, so I had to raise my voice a bit over my shoulder "The one with a green fire on the front." I said. I heard him shuffling through the books. "Got it-" he suddenly stopped short and I heard drips of liquid drop to the floor. I turned around and saw Daisuke's whole face red and blood seep out of his nose. I pulled my skirt down, knowing what he saw "You idiot! Why did you look?!" I hissed, trying to keep my voice down. "I-I didn't mean to! I turned to give you the book and I saw it! With....perfect....a**..." he started trailing off, his nose bleeding more. I grabbed the book he was holding and hit him in the head with it. "OW!" he said, rubbing his head in pain. I went back into the closet and got the rest of the stuff I needed. I stood back and laid them all out on my bed. "What are those?" Daisuke asked, his voice sounding weird as he put a tissue to his nose and began to hang his head back. "Just some black chalk and candles I need for the circle." said and started using the chalk in the middle of the room, making the circle. "Hey, can I ask you something?" he asked. "What is it?" I asked. He was silent for a moment "Is it possible to make a human immortal?"

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