• The time of year has come again, where we all try to wear pink, we sink our teeth into chocolate bunnies, and scarf down marshmallow chicks. This is not your average Easter story; it starts in a faraway place, as mythical as the heavens. In this place people were distracted; they were focused on winning a grand prize in this little game of life. The whole kingdom gathered around the magic glass case, encasing the prized pink bunny slippers. The slippers were the pride and joy of the kingdom, no peasant would dare come close to the slippers, in fear of giving them a bad name. But this story circles around one girl, her name is Lyssali, and she is very sick.
    Lyssali comes from a peasant family, she has an incurable disease, and it was predicted by a magical wizard in the kingdom, that she will die the day after Easter. Ever since she was a youngling she dreamed of winning the slippers, she imagined the king and queen of the land being carried out on their thrones, just so they could give the golden slippers to Lyssali. But how could she compete in the difficult competition if she was bed ridden and soon to die? She knew exactly how.
    Her doctor was a wizard wasn’t he? She prayed every night for the wizard to visit, and she prayed he would listen to her plan. The next day the wizard came for no apparent reason. “I felt a deep tugging in my heart milady,” The wizard told Lyssali’s mother. He slowly walked into her room, and she told him her proposition.
    The next day
    The day of the competition required no more waiting, it was upon the land. The wealthy families had trained their sons from birth to win the bunny slippers, but surprisingly they were no match for Lyssali. The competition was a race, when the king yelled “GO”, Lyssali moved with as much grace as a thousand swans, gliding in between and around other competitors, shifting only to avoid a tree branch. She glided over the finish line, with a gentle smirk upon her face, but her eyes were closed. There were whispers in the crowd, that her win was the work of gods.
    The parade flooded out of the castle doors, Lyssali opened her eyes and she could see the sparkle of the golden thrones that the king and queen claimed. When the parade proceeded down the steps, they halted when they came to Lyssali. The queen leaned over and handed her the slippers with a smile painted across her face. She had fulfilled her lifelong dream.
    Now something happened that still puzzles everyone. When Lyssali looked at the slippers she whispered something, then looked into the sky. At that moment she collapsed to the floor, dead. People say that she cheated, but it wasn’t like that. But no one knows exactly what happened, why she died so instantly, and at just the perfect moment. Some say she had fulfilled her dream, and her life had no reason for living, but it wasn’t like that either. Only the wizard knows the truth. But when an angry mob came to his house in search of answers, there was no one. The wizard had disappeared for eternity, and there was no reason to wait an eternity.
    Lyssali was buried with the slippers, and she is the hero of the land. The competition for the slippers no longer happens, because they remain forever Lyssali’s, and only hers.
    She earned them