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    Introductions: Hayden
    Hayden. That's my name. There's nothing special about me. Just another perfect story I want you to hear out. I wish I could tell you it was but in our reality, life is full of mistakes and regrets. I want to make sure everyone, it could be a teenager who found my memoir in the trashcan or it could be a carefree child who doesn't even understand the words. Perhaps, this will be posted online. That is my wish. I want to a broader audience that could span across the whole United States to remember what I have written.

    A widow pane is in front of me

    Rain litters the glass.

    I'm sitting on a chair at a table

    Should I ask for a second chance?


    The Turning Point

    I'm flying

    Two different endings

    But in the end…….

    Everyone is here for a reason. It may start from a simple kiss in the dark or from a straightforward idea sparked by a writer sitting next to a fire thinking of ways to express how he feels at the moment. I hope to God no one is writing this story as it happens to me. That would be one ******** up writer. Who want to read a story about me? I'm not your perfect character. I have seen my fill of pain and trouble. As I adjust my chair to see the sky I silently think to myself about my past. I then lay my head on the table and start to cry. I look up to the sky one more time. It is dull and grey. It reminds me of a day that feels like forever ago…..

    Memories: Hayden : The Pier
    Flocks of seagulls fly through the summertime wind. As they make the horizon move throughout the air their noises fill my ears with a sense of peace and quiet. What if they are lonely cries instead of hungry screams? Would I feel a sense of peace and quiet then? They don't care about themselves. They don't want. They don't even love. Love is one of the principles of our human connection that I rely on the most. It makes me feel special. My walk on the beach has ended. My wet feet leaving sand on the pier, I start to walk forward.

    Rain pouring into the ocean brings me to a sense of calm as the wind creates waves and tides in the daytime mist. I walk further on the wooden planks. She's at the end of the pier looking out into the sky. I call to her. She turns around and laughs. I'm glad she's happy. I feel happy. I feel happy to be with her. I feel special to be the only one with her than billions of other people she could of fell in love with. Her smile brings tears of joy that are tears from my heart. I held back the truth. I reach into my pocket and a paper touches my fingertips. This is the perfect time to tell her. She's running towards me with that beautiful smile on her face. She stops just mere centimeters from my face. Her eyes tear up.

    "I'm pregnant!" she says with happiness in her voice.

    "Th-that's great!" I stutter grinning as I look deep into her brown eyes. A voice in the back of my head making my heart feel like melting ice in my chest. She kisses me. Her lips soft against mine. I know that I will never leave her…….For Now.

    I signed the paper

    It ******** up what I worked so hard for

    I should of never left them behind

    I should of learned from my mistakes before

    I should of never left them behind

    The Turning Point

    Introductions: Genesis

    My name is Genesis. I'm just a girl writing her story. I live in the most isolated place in the Northern United States. My house is surrounded by a forest of lush green trees. Their leaves drip with morning dew as I walk up the path towards my favorite lookout spot to witness the breathtaking view of the earth. My shoes leaving imprints in the wet dirt ground, I climb higher through the trees.

    Today I woke up later than I usually do. It feels good to sleep in. When I get out of my warm bed and stretch my mind takes over I start wonder if everything and everybody is connected in some way or another. I know I wont ever find the answers to these questions. Will I?

    Out here, there is only a crowd of trees on mountains and land . There are natural wonders here and there but it gets so insignificant at times I just want to cry. It makes you want to be back to the place where you were even more than before.

    This place gives you to much time to think. When you start to think your imagination gets to the point you hate it. I had that problem earlier. Building false stories in my mind in relation to an event that happened in the past to try to vision my future.

    The nearest city is fifteen miles away from me. It's not even a city. It's just a small town. My parents have to drive me half and hour early in the morning to school . There are no places to hang out with friends in town. Well, if I had any. I wish my parents didn't move up here. I miss everyone that's back at my true home. I'm just another one of your typical social outcast teens. I don't fit in at all. Up here they dress all……..normally. They don't even wear eyeliner. They are all snobby and only nice to themselves. They don't know how to treat a newcomer. Well, I think it's the town. Everyone rejects me. Just because my hair is straightened and black doesn't mean I am different that any one of them. I'm also very quiet. I'm the type of girl who sits in the back of the class thinking of memories from the past.

    Leaving my friends was hard. Especially Trenton Jones. He needed me. I needed him. I hope he took my advice to stay and he thinks about the happy things in his life instead of feasting on his dearly missed memories. But are your thoughts connected with your happiness? Do you have to have memories to be happy? I guess you have to have bad times in your life to realize what the good things are.

    Trenton was a cutter and so was I. We compared each others scars and told stories of how they got there. I know everyone will say, "Oh Lemme guess! You guys only do that because you want to fit in. Your so ******** emo. p***y" I want to tell you if you think that right now you are a self centered a*****e who doesn't care about other peoples feelings. Your only making it worse by saying those things. He has suffered much more than needs for "fitting in." I ******** love him. ******** you. I'm so glad we meant the way we were.

    What if everything was a dream?

    Its our destiny to………..

    I'm standing at the top of mountain now. The undying breeze washes over my face drying the newly formed tears. The memories start to wash over me. I lose it. I crouch down holding my knees as I let my sobs escape my throat. I hate this place. I want to go back home.

    Memories: Genesis: Trenton

    What if everything was a dream?

    As if someone spilled a glass of wine, dark red stain's bleed through the carpet.

    My heart is beating inside my head for a terrifying reason, I walk past the watery puddle into the abyss of the hallway towards the door ahead. .Razor blades suddenly appear on the floor. The lights are turned on but I sense a feeling of darkness. My heart starts to race faster now. The hallway grows longer until the door is a glimpse in the horizon. I start to run but end up at the same point where stood moments before. My mind focuses on Trenton. I run faster and with a thought driving me to my goal and finally reach the door. I hear a quotation being read out loud in my dream with a all to familiar voice. Trent.

    "Love is like an earthquake-unpredictable, a little scary, but when the hard part is over you realize how lucky you truly are."

    The door opens by itself and I saw him facedown on the floor with razors all around him. My imagination starts converging with memories of the times I have spent with him as I awake from the horrible nightmare. I take a deep breath and start to cry. I quickly pull out my phone and text him.

    *Hey Babe, I had another horrible dream :*

    I'm scared to find out

    It disappears the next time I talk to you

    If I'm truly that scared for you

    That must mean I really love you

    I clutch the phone closer to my breast as my eyes start to leak fresh tears. It's been a couple of minutes now and the tears have soaked my pillow. Please. Please. Tell me he's alive. I hope.

    Tears rolling down my cheek