• Luna and her friends were having a normal life in the USA till they got the invite. “Was this invite for Luna said “I hear is a dance at some big mansion to night said Sam excited “I hear that a lot of people in our school got invited to said Lee “I don’t know something doesn’t fell right about this, I don’t think we should go Luna said “oh come! Her friends said “well sorry I can get weird felling of it said Luna “come it’s going to be fun” a voice said form behind it was Darren I think about it said Luna “don’t think about it just come said Darren with smile then he walk away Luna heard screaming “Luna! Darren was taking to you your so lucky! The girls scream. “I don’t care and he talk to me all the time, he just the same as any other guy said Luna No he not! Girl screams” He’s hot said Sam” he’s the one hosting the party and Daisuke too of the girls said. We will dance with him the girls said. They keep on taking about him; Luna was getting annoyed so she left as Luna was walking to her next class she saw Daisuke reading, he was cute but he wears scary black clothing and doesn’t say much. Luna walks by him “watch out to night at the dance and Darren” said Daisuke Luna look confuse but then said “I know and that’s why I watch out for my friends” Luna walk away “you should watch out yourself Daisuke said worry tone. It was getting to that time to the dance Lune try to get her friends not to go but couldn’t so she when with them to keep an I on them. It’s was 10:00 when they got to the big mansion they saw beautiful guys and girls they never saw before but didn’t care but Luna, so they started dancing and having a good time but Luna was just watching out for things. In till Darren came by her “you what to dance” he said “no thank you said Lune (she hear the other girl getting jealous) but he smile and grab her hand then took her to up stairs to a balcony Luna try to get away but he had tide grip then had his arms around her dancing to the music. “Let go of me!” Lune said “oh come on you need some fun, you all way worry too much and try to protecting your friends all the time”. “How do you know that!” said Luna I all way has eye I on you it’s cool that you do that.” Luna was red in her face try to look away then Darren smile. As it was going to close to midnight Luna was still dancing but just then Darren was acting strange he grab her hand vary tight and started to bend down to her neck Luna felt his breath Luna trying to fight back but felt that she was in a trance just about when she felt something pinching her Luna heard screaming that snap her out, then push him away and ran down stairs where she saw the horror people was getting attack by the beautiful people, there was a lot of blood Luna ran hitting people getting in her away to find her friends. She found them hiding thank “god I found you was going on” said Luna “I don’t know we were dancing then one of the beautiful people attack someone then they was all stared to attack is like there vampires” Sam said” is ok I’m going get you out of here then go the police and try to save the others Luna said. They ran away and got out in the back then ran as fast as they can then Luna notice they were being follow “run! Luna yield. As they just about to escape Luna ran into a back finger she tries to get a way but he grab her “I see your are tough as all way” he said Luna notice it was Darren “why are you doing this and was going on” Luna yells Darren got to her ear then whisper “it will all become clearly soon now you become one of us my love” said Darren “what do you mean?” Luna said. He smile bend down to her neck then she felt a lot pain and something warm try to puts him away but couldn’t she started to black out she heard screaming, stop it! And Luna scream before black out.

    To be continue