• Centuries ago, there was a potion. A scientist wanted to discover what this potion did, and he was greedy, and wanted fame. He drank it, and transformed into a creature so fierce, and so powerful, that no one could control it. Once he had made the mistake of mating with a human, there was a new race that was created. Half monster, half human, they were strong, fast and deadly. This mistake passed through time, and now, it has spread. Not that many are alive and most of them are imprisoned, but a few roam free, hidden in forests, living amongst the animals for nourishment. Now, there was one young girl of 14 years who is one of these half-demons. Her name is Jade…

    I dashed through the trees making no sound with my swift feet. I folded my black leathery wings against my back, and bared my fangs. I almost had the deer! Finally, I jumped and shouted a battle cry, and landed directly on the deer, making it fall to the ground. I slashed my poison infused claws into its flesh, and the deer breathed out its last breath. I began to feast on the deer, until I heard rustling noises behind me. I spun my head around, my shiny black hair whipped around my face, and I jumped up. Luckily, it was only my best friend, Aramus, who stepped out of the bushes, and he laughed, his fangs glistening in the moonlight.

    "Aramus! You scared me! I'll share my deer with you if you'll be nice to me." I said smirking.

    He laughed again, and walked over to me and the dead deer lying on the ground, "Fine." He replied.

    I smiled at him and said, "You owe me some food then."

    He smiled back at me, and said, "Of course Jade."

    When we finished our feast, Aramus and I then ran deeper into the woods of Aragon. Soon, we broke out of the woods, and into human territory. We had to be careful that we were not seen by these humans, or we could be imprisoned, or even killed. Just like my parents, I thought to myself. I began to shiver with fright, but I straightened my wings, and flew up high into the air. Aramus flew up to join me. I looked down at all the rich houses that all the snobby humans had, and I grimaced.

    Aramus saw me, and said, "I know. They're all spoiled brats. We can kill them in half a second, and they think that we're dirty and wild."

    I smiled, and we landed, right in the center if their town, Magelake. Aramus and I walked through the rich, snobby town of the humans. Our footsteps echoed on the stone ground.

    Aramus put his hand on my shoulder and said, "Be careful Jade, humans could come any time."

    As if exactly on cue, a little girl, about 3-4 years old walked out of her house. I quickly folded my wings tightly against my back, Aramus did the same.

    The little girl started at us with wide blue eyes at our ragged clothes, and messy black hair.

    "Who are you?" She asked curiously. She seemed harmless so I took a step closer.

    "We are just kind travelers passing through. Do you mind?" I said kindly.

    The little girl nodded, and said nicely, "OK, well my name is Lily. Nice to meet you."
    Aramus and I looked at each other, we knew we couldn’t say our names; they were too strange to be a humans.

    "Oh, well I'm sorry Lily. We cannot share our names," I took a step closer; "You might want to keep this visit a secret. Understand?"

    She nodded, "I'll keep it a secret. I promise."

    Then we ran away with our inhuman speed, and I looked behind me, and the little girl had fainted in shock. Aramus and I laughed, and kept on running, until finally, we found the forest. We stopped at a clearing, we both panted heavily, tired from many miles of running. Aramus dashed into the woods to find food, while I set up a fire.

    While he was gone, I thought I heard something in the dark woods around me. I heard a rustling noise.

    I shouted, "Who's there!"

    No one answered. The forest became still. Suddenly, I saw a flash of bright light. I screamed. Then, everything went black.