• The strange man had finally dropped me. I was about to get up but before I could move he pushed me into a wall and dropped a cement block on my lap. I tried to push it off but he picked me up and threw me into another wall in the alley. I felt a force of pain in my ribs when my body hit the ground and I curled up into a ball moaning. The man’s voice came more as a growl as he said, “Stop moving human or I will hurt you until it kills you to breath. It’s almost day light so we will be stopping here so you get another day to live, if you cooperate.”
    The words took a moment to sink in because of the pain, but once they did my mind stopped. This man was so cold hearted that he would kill me for no reason. That is if he was a man and if he had a heart. This man had the same strength Sorrow explained but he was truly a monster that she had called her self. Then the words came out of me before I had time to think about the consequences , “ Why are you going after her, you don’t even know …” The man cut me off and said, “ You don’t know her young man. You love her don’t you? But you don’t know she is the biggest monster out of all of us. She lived with a outlaw and used her powers to protect him. Then we changed her thinking it would change her mind, but her mind was poisoned by this man and now she even craves even her creators blood. You only know her when she is not hungry. But when she is she is a dangerous being.” I shook my head and said “ No it can’t be, no your lying.” He smiled and said, “Then how did she quickly throw u into that room and barricade you inside in under a second? Why would she do that if we were on the same side?” I stopped him and said, “ Because you’re the monster and the reason she is probably beaten all over! You’re the dark demons she talked about, you’re the ones who made her into some one she is afraid of. Your ruined her and probably the boy who protected her!”
    The man walked towards me and growled, “That’s enough for you , people will hear you and you have just dented my patience of you.” As he walked up I held the cross Sorrow had given me and stabbed his foot as he was right above me. It went right though his foot and he yelled in pain, “ You brat!” But as soon as he said that he was smiling and laughing . He grabbed my hand and used it to pull the cross out of his foot and then threw it away. I stared at his foot and saw the hole quickly being filled with flesh and only a hole in his shoe was left. He stepped on my head and then growled, “My turn.” Then my cry took me into darkness.
    The sun was about to appear but I wouldn’t stop hunting for Jo’s kidnapper. His sent was fading so I couldn’t turn back now or I would lose him and probably a part of myself. The sun started to push me back to the shade until finally I was forced into shaded alleys to go any farther with out being burned. Once I avoided the sun I was back to just the sent of the dark demon who had token Jo. No other senses mattered, I didn’t notice the sounds or my surroundings. Even my growling stomach had turned into a dull need compared to tracking this sent.
    It was kind of funny how some one who had never been on my mind since being in this city that put survival the only thing of thought could now be the only thing I besides the protector who was on my mind.
    Well actually that wasn’t the case when I had first came into this city. I use to fall asleep (if I could find a safe place to sleep) seeing his face when I had faded from home to this city. Then wake up with this determination to get back and tell him that I was okay and not to look so afraid. It was the base of my will to keep going though life alone until I went home. Weeks had gone by before his face started fading in my dreams and my main goal had just became survival. Around then it was hard to think of home because I wouldn’t be able to find food or shelter for the night if I did. Until finally I had fallen into the old underground sewer system of tunnels that protected me from the rain and warding hoboes or other creepers. Then I was lucky and found an old room that held emergency supplies that would be called my home until they flooded the whole sewer tunnels months latter. During this time I had many life and death situations that weird things would save me. Like this one time a man tried to mug me I pushed him away with a strong force when I didn’t even touch him. Or when I had fallen off building roofs when I was running away from people chasing me for my theft of food or supplies I had landed softly , when it was a 50ft fall. Or when a man had shot me and it had bounced off my jacket. Then I didn’t know what was happening . Sometime I felt like I was living a dream I couldn’t wake up from. Until I had his face in my head again one night and knew that this world couldn’t be a dream because he was still frightened.
    The words repeated in my head of what Jo had said to me and I stopped. “ Can I protect your heart Sorrow? Can I make you not be just skin and bones? Can I stop your shivering of fear? Can I stop your heart’s bleed?”