• Ch12
    I knew as soon as I laughed I knew I hurt her. It took her a half of a hour to tell this crazy story. Most of it was just happening. No reasons just happening. Like her having super powers, but no reason why. Or how she got a jewel in her forehead, that just appeared. Or how some one saved her but didn’t .
    That bugged me the most, the boy she talked about. You would of thought he was god the way she talked about him. Yet it pretty much sounds like he left her to fend on her own. The thing I hated the most is every time she talked about him there was tears in her eyes. She goes missing and all she cares about is this boy is gone. He was not the one who was there for her when her foster parent’s beat her. He was not the one who was there when no one else wanted to talk to her. He wasn’t there when she disappeared. He didn’t have to lose her.
    I tried to keep my anger and tell her she needed help, but when you see her eyes nothing she said mattered. I knew I should be happy, she was alive. Also boy or not she had been through a lot. I looked her in the eyes and said, “ I’m sorry.” Then I saw the reason of all the crazy things she said in her . I could see she was stronger and more fit than she use to be by her slender body. I could see she had no scars on arms but they were dented and you could tell they had token a beating. Then with out control I pulled her into a hug. I knew it had token her by surprise because she tensed up and then collapsed crying. Then I felt all the emotion she felt and I whispered in her ear, “ Can I protect your heart Sorrow? Can I make you not be just skin and bones? Can I stop your shivering of fear? Can I stop your heart’s bleed?”
    I was stunned, Had Jo just said those things to me? I thought he was just friendly to me because of my plea to keep quiet. But then the thought came to me. He was always there for my (earth) battles and ready to take over if it went too far. He was always there for me. Was I so blind not to see it before? I did remember always using him as a crutch when I was unable to keep my smile. He was always there, he was there till I faded away in right front of him.
    I was about to answer but then I heard five swift pairs of feet approaching the house. I grabbed Jo and ran to the room to the other side of the opening to the basement. I let him down and said quickly “ Jo don’t let any one in, and keep the door shut. Make sure your breathing is quiet. If anything dose get in there is a cross in the dresser. Grab it as soon as I leave. If anyone makes it in use the cross like a knife and stab them in the heart.” I knew he was about to debate so I shut the door and threw near items in front of the door.
    Then I ran back up stairs and waited for them at the front door, but I knew as soon as I stopped I knew I was in their trap they made for me. I looked around and saw two dark demons in front of me. I looked around for the other three but then my body jerked forward. Then I let them blow shots at my head and kick me till I heard Jo’s heart beat. Then I remembered I wasn’t fighting for my life (witch wasn’t much to me any more) I was fighting for Jo’s too. I shot up and I swiped one of my attacker’s face. As soon as my hand touched his face the other four vampire pushed me back down. This time they pulled out knifes and I felt iron go thought my skin.
    I got back up, but they kept on pushing me back down. I did this many times and it ended with the same result, me on the ground getting more wounded. After about a hour of this tactic I knew it was pointless. I knew I couldn’t take much more and the dark demons would finish me off. I laid my head down and listened to the heart beat down stairs and let my mind go.
    Then I remembered the saying, the bigger they are the harder they fall. I knew all my attackers were powerful and strong , but not fast. Well as fast as me. This time I crawled under the first dark demon’s legs and jumped up. This time I was facing all my attackers. I smiled and then went into a attacking frenzy.
    I felt my claws (or nails) dig into the vampire’s skin till I hit the heart then the claws went to another attacker. I felt my body curve when ever a punch came towards my face and then my own fist would attack their open chest. By five minutes four vampires were lying on the carpet broken, chopped up and down.
    But there was only four of them. Then the heart beat down stairs was strong and fast. I froze and said quietly, “ JO!” I heard the other vampire and Jo’s heart beat come up the stairs. I stood at the front of the stairs ready to attack but I was wrong, not all of the five vampire’s were strong and powerful. This one was like me, slender and fast. The only big difference was he was tall and was powerful. Just like the wind this vampire pushed me out of the way and ran off with Jo. I went though the wall and crashed into the washing machine. Then I got up and started running after this vampire, I knew his sent now, and I wasn’t going to stop till he felt my revenge.