• I am an American Civilian
    I am a stay at home warrior and a vital part of my community.
    I have a responsibility to my country and to the warriors of my freedom.
    I will continue to provide reason for American Soldiers to come home.
    I will never fall into the ignorance of the media.
    I will never be the loss cause.
    I will create an environment to be proud of.
    I am intelligent, willful, and dedicated. I will prove being a civilian is not a handicap; though I am not trained and proficient in the tedious and life threatening tasks of my American Soldiers I am capable of preserving my country and making the decision that not only benefit me but follow the rights and values of my constitution and the freedoms of my country.
    I live with my freedoms everyday and support the sacrifices of myself, my country, and most of all the sacrifices of my American Soldiers.
    I am not a weakness.
    I am a Proud American Civilian.