• how did you survive? i thought, as i walked cautiously closer. "im sorry i left you. i know i wouldnt stand a chance against humans. they have guns you know..," i trailed off looking away. i couldnt dare look at him after i deserted him there. "s'okay" he replied flatly. "i good, i okay." he smiled. i gawked at his response. is this fox completely mental? he started walking in circles muttering to himself, something that sounded like a chant. "you know name?" the weird fox asked me. "what? i cant understand you." trying to stay calm and collected as he was definitely not normal. "name?" he pointed to me. makes sense... "um..i dont know my name, i kind of, am lost and uh....er...um...heh, heh.." wow am i stupid. "whats wrong with your speech? do you have problems talking?"
    He shook his head.
    "then why is it hard to understand you?"
    He sat motionless before answering,"it hard to talk me 'cause mom"
    "its hard to talk to..you because of your, mother?" i corrected.
    The fox nodded.
    "oh" i replied shortly. tears welled up inside me and i bursted into tears dashing towards him and groomed him out of pity. "what?" he said suddenly getting red, shocked. "im..so...sowwy...waaaahhhhh" i cried in his chest. he sighed. i cant believe i left him in that cage all alone. i didnt know... i want to kill myself now... "how...did y-you get...out? " i managed to say. "people not bad, helped not hurt me." came the grateful reply. i burst crying again, saying an occasional,"im so sorry." and a"forgive me."
    The fox stood up, and gestured to his face with his paw,"Dumb"
    "huh?" His name is...Dumb? what the-"yeh, name Dumb" he said, looking down. it was only and only then did i notice his eyes were a beautiful silver. i almost fainted. "you can call me ... friend. call me friend." i smiled at him. he looked up,"kay" he said. he walked up to me and said happily."i follow you to place." i nodded and groomed him at the cheek. he jumped back and said "huh??" red, he looked down. "im looking for the mountains up ahead. if you need any food we can stop and look for some. but other than that be careful and dont lose me. i darted off as fast as i could to test if he was able to catch up. as i looked behind me i noticed he was smiling. he was in perfect health. "wow Dumb you are fast! i love you!!" i puffed behind me. he stopped dead in his tracks. i slowed down. "what is it?" he was staring at me with wide eyes. few moments later i noticed he wasnt staring at me.., i turned around. a big bear with small beady eyes and drool spilling on my head. i slowly looked all the way up my eyes wide with fear. "run!" Dumb shouted. i dashed to one of the nearby trees and the bear swiped at my stomach. i was swung at a tree. blackness came upon me. i started to notice a silver pair of headlights. as time came by it wasnt a lights they were eyes. the object spoke. a deep-voiced chant echoed in my head. "Dumb is only a distraction, he has another side..." it kept repeating. another fox started talking. "okay?!?" it screamed. "you all kay?!? dont leave me!" it was much more angry now. "wake up!" i jolted wide awake. Dumb was sitting beside me. i slowly looked down, blood was rushing out of me. oh my...go....god.....
    a sting came on my side. i wheesed. "what, that, huh...help...me..." "its ok, your alright. i wont lose you.. hours later we were in the middle of a swamp. musky, and green watered swamp. when i opened my eyes a black fox was awaiting me. smiling and putting leaves and herbs on my side. i was shocked. "wheres Dumb?!?" i screamed. "he is out getting me clean water. he wont be back until later. we came across each other when you were attacked by that grizzly bear. the only way to stop it is a distraction." he boasted. "you are?" "my names Alphonse. call me 'Al'." he winked. i shuddered. "i dont remember my name."
    He lied down beside a ruffled hay stack. at least i think it was a hay stack. "i back now. is friend up?" Dumb was running onto the shore with a clean water-filled cup. i guessed he found it. "Dumb!" i shouted with tears in my eyes. he dropped the water beside me and said,"sorry, forgive me." i gasped. "whered you learn that?" i smiled. "you" he smiled back. i began to cry, again. "not again. ugh thats beginning to get annoying." Alphonse said wryly. i retorted,"stay outta this!" sharply. he didnt flinch, not one bit. "well where is my thanks for saving your guys lives?" he said standing up. i nodded. Dumb, kneeled down,"Thank you."
    He stood up, as Alphonse suggested that he should come with us.
    "I know this place far better than y'all do." he laughed. "yeah sure, Dumb, is it okay with you?" Dumb walked over to him and said,"s'okay" i gleamed at him. quickly he turned around beaming. i went ahead of them and started to run, but stopped shortly when Alphonse told me, "your goin' the wrong way miss." he coughed. i frowned. what a butt! he lead the way as me and Dumb followed. he gained speed as we ran faster. "slow down!" i shouted at him. he just laughed. "grrr, dumb, how did you manage to get the bear from killing me?" Dumb wasnt listening to me. "Dumb?" he still didnt reply. "Dumb? whats wrong? why arent you answering me?!? Dumb?" he kept running but was cut off when Alphonse stopped. he looked at me confused. "Dumb?" he started crying. "cant hear none more...., mom did this .....me...." i ran to him and comforted him as much as i could. Alphonse had a face that was full of torment, so this was his weakness. i cried into Dumbs face and said" listen to me, listen!" "he cant hear you!" Al shouted. i burst into tears and said" i love you Dumb!" i shouted into his face. "please dont go away now.... because...i...love you!"

    After we spent the night there. I spent the whole time thinkin about Dumb, i cant believe he lost his hearing. Dumb was awake when me and Al woke up. His eyes were red. A beautiful sunset in those silver eyes. I walked over to him and gestured with my paw,'were leaving'. he replied a short reply "kay."