• "What's happening to me, Dean? What's going on?" I asked.

    "I don't know, you tell me. What's been happening to you lately?" He said.

    "I fainted today. For a couple of hours. And I was dizzy. And weak. I think you know exactly what I'm talking about Dean." I explained.

    "Okay, it's simple. You're turning into a vampire. This is just one of the temporary side effects. They're not the same on everyone though. You may faint, have sudden mood swings, feel dizzy, feel weak, feel stronger, throw up. It all depends."

    "It's like PMSing but for vampires!" Landon said. "Oh awkward."

    "Fantastic. Fuc'king fantastic. Anything else I should know?"

    "Nah, only that you're going to have these symptoms for awhile and you might even discover your powers during." Dean said.

    "Woah, powers? What kind of powers?" I said.

    "Well, that depends too. I have unnatural strength and I can control shadows." He said.

    "Me too! See?" Charmey said, making shadow puppets in front of a lamp.

    "Hilarious. Really Charmey you truly are hilarious. Bit'ch. Anyway, Bit'ch over there has amazing eye sight. She can see things miles away from here, and can see the things you see."

    "Wow that's cool." I said.

    "Yeah! Like if you're in China and your looking at a bowl of soup or something, if I concentrate I can see what you're looking at! I also have telekinesis." Charmey said.

    "Oh yeah like this one time, me and Charmey were bored so we wanted to see what everyone was doing, right? And apparently Landon was looking at some pretty dirty stuff..." Amy said, mocking Landon.

    "For the last time those weren't my magazines! Damn it!" He said.

    "Right. Anyway, my power is water. I can control it, and anything that has water inside of it. I can also hear very well, like how Charmey can see things from very far away, that's how I hear." Amy said.

    "Oh YEAH? Well I can control fire. And I have super strength. Yeah what now nothin." Landon said.

    "He can also burn down houses." Dean mocked him.

    "Just let it go already..." Landon said.

    "That's really cool Landon. And so are the rest of you guys. So... what now?" I asked.

    "Well, we were about to go get some pizza. You wanna come?" Dean said.

    "Umm nah... wait, I thought vampires couldn't eat food other than blood?"

    "That's a myth. Humans exaggerate everything. We can eat food if we want, but we don't need it like humans do. We just eat it cause we enjoy it. I enjoy pizza."

    "Oh, so you guys can't turn into bats either?" I asked sarcastically.

    "Oh no we can do that." Uh, okay. Didn't expect that. "That's something they got right. But we don't explode in the sunlight. We just get a little weaker, that's all. We're strongest when a full moon is out." He explained. "Well, come on guys. Landon stay here and keep Luna company."

    "Ughh fine. Later." They left, and Landon sat on the couch.

    I sat down with Landon. It was awkward. He sat there, trying to play with Dean's rubix cube. He sucks at it.

    "I swear I don't know how Dean does this s**t. It's like he's a freakin mastermind." He said, looking confused and aggrivated. "******** it." He threw it across the room. He looks like Dean when he's mad.

    "Soo..." I said, looking down at my feet. "Any interesting past life stories?" His head shot up to look at me, and his eyes nearly glowed with joy. He looks nothing like Dean now.

    "Yeah! I have an interesting one. But umm..." He started to look around, almost kinda paranoid. "Okay. One time there was this young vampire right? He was out, and it was real late, maybe twelve a.m. or so. So the guy passes a strip club. He had never been in one, plus he was bored, so he decided why not? He paid the small entrance fee to the security guards standing outside and went through the doors. They had a nice bar, and plenty of tables.

    He sat down at the table that was close to the stage. They announced a new dancer to come out, and she came through the curtains. A lot of guys were calling her sexy and hot, but to the vampire, she was beautiful. She had blonde hair and blue eyes. She danced on the stage for awhile, then started to dance toward a few gentlemen. She came toward the vampire and did a little dance for him.

    He gave her some money, but as she walked away he noticed something. Sadness. It was in her eyes, that he could tell. Sadness and wanting to escape. She didn't want to be there anymore. He felt her sadness as she left. He was about to get up and leave until the music stopped, and people were gasping in the back of the room. Something was going on outside of the doors.

    He heard someone yelling, and then one of the doors was kicked open by a guy being held back by the big security guards. They were telling him things like "You have to pay! You can't get in!" But he wouldn't listen. He would just keep yelling "I love her! I have to see her! Please! I love her!" When they kept holding him back, the guy fought one arm free, and with his free hand he took out a gun from his jacket and shot both security guards. Then the guy came in, walking to the stage. He looked at the beautiful dancer.

    "I love you! Why can't you be with me?!" He yelled at her.

    "W-what?! I don't know you!" She said, looking scared, and about to run for her life. The guy looked back at the doors when they all heard the police sirens. Then he looked back at her.

    "Fine! If I can't be with you, no one will!" He screamed. He shot her in the chest. Everyone just stood still, scared. "What are you all looking at, huh?!" He aimed the gun towards everyone. "Huh?! What?! ...I.. I'll never find love again!" And with that, he shot himself in the heart.

    The police came in five seconds later. They put both bodies into the ambulance."

    "Why didn't the vampire do anything?" I interrupted. He looked down at the floor.

    "He was shocked... it was hard to look at, he didn't know what to do. But its okay, there's more. After they put both bodies into the ambulance, the vampire snapped out of it. He ran out of the club and ran to catch up with the girl's ambulance at an unnatural speed. He jumped on the truck, and sat there for the whole ride. When the ambulance stopped in front of the hospital, he wasted no time. He quickly opened the doors and took out the girl's body. Then he flew away with her to make her a vampire. He did, and she survived. Her eyes turned purple when she woke up. And they were no longer sad." He finished.

    "Aww Landon, that's so cute! Did they fall in love?" I asked.

    "Well... um... technically, no."

    "You didn't ask Charmey out yet, even after you saved her life? Really Landon really?"

    "Woah woah woah wait a minute... how the fu'ck did you know it was me and Charmey?!"

    "Too obvious. Wayyy too obvious." I said.

    "Ah. I see. Well than, don't tell her I told you. I don't want her to be mad at me. I don't know if she will be or not, but it's kinda an invasion of privacy. And I'm also kind of a big mouth."

    "Fine with me." I said. "Wait, isn't Charmey your cousin?"

    "No. Let me explain this. Me and Dean are real blood brothers. And Amy is our real blood cousin. We were born vampires. Charmey wasn't though, and a few other people in our pack, but we call them our cousins because we're all just like a big vampire family. You're part of that family too now, Luna."

    "Aww, that's cute. I hope I can stay."

    "You definitely can Luna! I just hope no one kills you!" He said.

    "Well that's... nice."

    ~Part 6 coming soon ;D Hope u liked!