• Chapter 2
    RUN IN

    As Terrence walks on the sterile lands of the Valley of Hymns, his inclination to run makes him fail to notice the shadows beyond.
    The shadow looks like the outline of a small bear. Its tense movements mimic the stalking of prey. The figure steps forward out of the desolate shadows and there in the spot where it stopped, creeping on the ground is a small creature about the size of a of large mouse- a gerbil most unusual indeed. The jet black streaks of its fur and the glistening of its bright orange eyes are hypnotizing. As the gerbil treads toward young Terrence, he all of a sudden stops and begins to shiver as if it has seen a ghostly figure. But it seems to be much worse.
    Standing behind the child is a person who is more startling than anyone’s expectation. This creature’s appearance was frightening.
    Dripping wet with black gunk, stands an elderly woman whose darting lazuli eyes look tired with despair, but horrified. As she falls to the ground she grumbles, “pond, harp, fox.”
    Soon young Terrence will find the meaning of those three words but all he was worried about was getting home, and leaving all of this behind him… for now.
    What would be so important about a harp? A piece of metal. But in all these kind s of stories there is always something weird about what you expect, and suspect. Terrence suspects nothing.
    So let me introduce the person who might have startled Terrence in the woods. This person was ghostly and had bluish looking eyes.
    Gertrude L. Lilystone:
    She is suspected in the murder of Terrence’s mother, Jillian. Jillian was so sweet, an peaceful what could she have possibly done that would be the reason for the penalty of death? The police had suspected that she had died of complications after she was bitten by a snake, seen at the crime. This particular snake was jet black with glowing orange eyes. How devastating it was for Terrence- 9 yrs. Old watching his mother so suddenly pass away. The grief that was held inside at such a young age and never been released. An always everywhere he went after the death of his mother, the funeral home, the burial sight, and the church she was always ways there. Mrs. Lilystone ALWAYS there. Even without any prior knowledge you would be able to see that something was very wrong with her. And her stalking seemed to always be aimed at Terrence.