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    Rosa looked at the pictures of the 'Oliver Knives family helping the Nightlords' evidence. She had to admit, they did look as good as the Nightlord brothers...God what is she thinking!?.

    Julia Rosalita, Rosa's sister, jabbed her finger at the table "I told you, I AM always right after all" she said confidently. Julia always loved to be right...it sorta got annoying to the Nightlord boys.

    Rosa ,again not listening to Julia, turned her attention to her other sister, Ava. "Ava, were you able to read their personal data while we were dealing with them in the park?" she asked, with her finger tracing a X mark on Theo's face. She used to date Theo...and she is still pissed that Theo dumped her. I guess she just would'nt listen to the warnings of the other girls Theo used to date.

    Ava did'nt turn to look back at Rosa, since she WAS blind after all. "A few...it seemed that the Nightlords are friends with Knives...and the Knives have ties to the Nightlord family...they are like family rather than friends" she said in a serious tone with a serious face.

    Rosa sighed "that leaves more boys to fight...which is too much trouble since we are too few," she said to herself. "What do you think Gigi? should we have more friends to help us?" she said to another sister, Gigi.

    Gigi, looked out of the window "so that we would be even? probably a good stategy, if we were not theives" she folded her arms as she watched a puppy run around in the garden "a thief must not trust easily, or else she/he will be robbed blind...its a basic rule Rosa" she looked at Rosa with a fierce look. She learned the rules of theivery by heart and it is very useful for the girls.

    Rosa massaged her temples and leaned in her chair "this is harder than I thought..." she groaned.

    Kaitlynn kicked open the door "I FOUND INFO ON THE KNIVES!!" she shouted excitedly before a magazine hit her face.

    Rosa stood from her seat "ARE YOU TRYING TO LET THE NIGHTLORDS KNOW WHAT WERE PLANING?!!" she shouted back. She slumped back on her seat and sighed...releasing the anger she felt.

    Kaitlynn went over to the table and tossed the papers towards Rosa and smirked "thats most of the boys that steal., I know that the boys are brought into the family just like the Nightlord boys, but they had a different life style" she jumped unto the couch and stretched.

    Rosa flipped throught the papers. Jackie O. Knives- skilled with knives and what ever he touches gets exploded, Hunter and Hayden O. Knives- skilled at a few fighting styles and fire works specialists, Henry O. Knives- can make your nightmares into illusions that seem true, Dexter O. Knives- son of Dionsyus or demigod, Kai O. Knives- learning wizard, Calvin O. Knives- mind reader and skilled with using anything as a weapon, Vincent O. Knives- vampire, Ace O. Knives- neko dog, Fei O. Knives- cursed with a scar on his face and his agelessness, Rei O. Knives- flexible, ageless, stuck as a kid, and could talk to animals.

    Rosa widened her eyes by the numbers of boys on the Nightlord's side "THIS IS HOPELESS!!" she screamed looking up at the ceiling.

    Gigi grabbed the papers and looked through them herself "she is right...if we even have to get even with them...we would get our a**es kicked" she sighed...a bit disappointed.

    Lily skipped next to Gigi "but their all wussies...do you think that we would let a few boys would kick our butts?" she said in her cute little girl voice.

    Rosa looked at the wall clock and noticed a little red glow behind it...


    Theo looked in Corbin's laptop "when she gets the bait...we blow the place up" he repeated from the plan he set up earlier to Corbin.

    Jacques thought the plan over "would'nt Tente be a bit pissed about the vacation house?" he asked lying on the couch. He was a bit tired from making one of his puppets that looked like the one of the Rosalitas and making it sneak in the house to set up the 'little big explosion' in the house.

    Theo shook his head no "it would teach those girls a lesson or two about bugging our rooms to know what we were up to" he said as he walked out of the rooms...squishing another bug.


    Rosa stood up from her seat and walked towards the clock and picked the glowing device.

    Lily twirled around "we are Rosalitas after all!!".

    Rosa squished the bug.


    Corbin crack his knuckles "are you ready for this, pirate?" he asked in his com link to Jackie.

    Jackie laughed "I love being a theif!". He threw his knife in the window and it hit the explosive on the window.

    Corbin chuckled as he heard the explosion ."mind reader...tell me their paniking" he said to the comlink to Calvin.

    Calvin smirked "you were right about the girls here...they just hate it when you mess with their stuff" he folded his arms and watched the girls run out.

    Corbin smiled "I knew you'd love 'em". "K, Tricky, are there still any of the girls inside?" he asked, watching the plan go like Theo planned it.

    Kai and Flourence, disguised as cats, looked in the rooms "none" they said together.

    Corbin looked for Zach's position "alright I'll get angel in for ya, once he gets ya, the whole place goes down" he reminded the 2 guys.

    Corbin tapped into Zach's feed "Angel, their done".

    Zach growled "this is bad...so very bad!" he said as he teleported from where he was to thelocation of Kai and Flourence. He grabbed the two cats before the roof collapsed on them in a hurry. He teleported back to where he was and dropped the two cats. His feathers that fell when he was teleporting became toys for Flourence and Kai.

    Corbin sighed "Quad, ya done?" he asked the 4 twins.

    Emil, Lapin, Hunter and Hayden replied, in unson, "yep and firing it up" they smiled as they watched the house blow up in fireworks.


    Rosa called the cellphone of Theo "pick up you, jack***!" she yelled in her phone.

    Theo answered his phone in annoyance "WHAT IS IT!!?" he yelled at Rosa.

    Rosa , becoming frustrated, yelled back "YOU BLEW UP OUR VACATION HOME!!"

    Theo's mood became amused "actually I did'nt,my brothers and cousins did, I guess we are a few wussies, huh?" he smirked.

    Rosa sighed and kicked off her high heel shoes "I WILL GET YOU NIGHTLORDS-"

    Theo got pissed off again and turned of his phone before he could hear more c*** from that b****.

    Rosa threw her phone at a tree in a fit of rage "I HATE NIGHTLORDS!!! AND KNIVES!!!" she swore load enough to let the brothers hear as well.

    -Let This Be An End-
    -But A Start Of A New Hate-